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Thursday, September 28, 2023

MIss O's Quilt

 As I mentioned in my last post,
my daughter and son-in-law
requested quilts for my grandchildren's beds.
Miss O is in a big girl bed already
and has another quilt I made on it.
It isn't quite a twin size,
so they asked for one that is twin size.

This is The Violet Quilt pattern
They wanted it to be bright and colorful,
so out came some of my Kaffe fabrics.

This pattern went together very quickly
and shows off some of these larger prints nicely.
(I don't know why, but I never think to cut the borders
the length of the fabric instead of the width. SMH!)

It is on it's way to Rebecca Grace Quilting
for her to work her magic.
I may have to make this pattern using Christmas fabrics!
Happy quilting!

Monday, September 25, 2023

Mr. M's Quilt

 My daughter and son-in-law asked me to make
quilts for my grandchildren's beds.
Twist my arm!!

I showed them some of the patterns at
and they chose two that they liked.
They are both finished and on their way to

For my grandson, 
they asked for blues and greens to be used.
I had no problem with this,
since I still had a lot of left-over fabric
and scraps from the Pineapple bed quilt I made for my bed.

This is The Ivy Quilt pattern.
It was going along really well
until I decided to skip a row of blocks.
There was some action from my seam ripper needed
and the problem was fixed.

Some fun new fabrics were added to the collection
for this quilt.
These are my favorite colors to use
and I fight myself not to make every quilt with these colors!

This will be a Christmas gift for Mr. M
and will be ready for when he gets his big boy bed.
Happy Quilting!

Thursday, September 21, 2023

Aubrey's Baby Quilt

 My niece is due with her fourth child at the end of October.
She is having a girl after having three boys.

This baby girl needed a PINK quilt!!

I came up with this design after my sister showed me a picture
of a blanket she wanted to crochet.
The pattern really caught my eye, 
so I sat down and came up with a pattern for this quilt.

At first, I was going to use a number of different
fabrics for the quilt,
and then decided on these two.
The floral is a Kaffe print and the background
is a Tula print.
I just love them together.

This quilt will definitely tell people it's little
Aubrey's and not one of her brothers!

Happy Quilting!

Monday, September 18, 2023

Crazy Veterans Quilt

 At the end of August I posted a photo of a bunch of
quilt blocks I had made from 1 1/2" strips of
reproduction fabrics left over from a log cabin
quilt I had made for my sister and brother-in-law.
I had just placed them on my design wall,
trying to figure out what to do with them.

Wanda from Exuberant Color, along with a couple of other quilters,
said to sew them all together and call it a day. 
This made my head hurt!
I love bold and wild quilts,
but they usually have some rhyme or reason to them.

After pondering for a while,
I decided I would do what they suggested.

Here is the finished quilt.
I don't hate it, but I'm not a huge fan, either.
Making these blocks was mindless fun, though.

Part of the problem is I don't like reproduction fabrics
anymore.  I went through a phase when I did.
Hence, the large collection of them.

I did as Wanda suggested and used flannel for the backing.
I quilted it with organic straight lines,
gave it a wash and it is ready to be donated
to the local Veterans Hospital.

Thank you, Wanda, for your advice!
It is a warm and snugly quilt!

Happy Quilting!

Sunday, September 10, 2023

"Seasons" for Church

 A while back I showed a quilt I was making for the
75th anniversary of my church.
There is going to be a raffle and the committee asked
if those of us who create would donate an item to be raffled.

My quilt is finished.

I named this quilt "Seasons" because it
represents the liturgical calendar.

The church year is divided into various seasons
and each season has a color.
Green is Ordinary Time,
 Purple is Lent and Advent,
White is Christmas and Easter
and red is Pentecost.

quilted it for me and did a beautiful job.

The label has been sewn in place, too!
It will be fun to see what others are donating to this raffle.
We have some super talented artists at my church!
I'm linking to Design Wall Monday today.

Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

The Flock is Home

 My flock of birds has returned home after being
beautifully quilted by Jennifer at 

I took my time making these birds over several months
and finally finished the top last month.
Except for a few of the colorful prints,
all of the fabrics came from my stash.

The black and white sashing really helps the birds to shine.

This pattern was a Block Lotto pattern,
but it doesn't seem to be available there anymore.
There is a tutorial on Missouri Star, however.

Now that these beauties are back home,
I can get moving onto something else.

Happy Quilting!

Thursday, August 24, 2023

Post Surgery

 It has been quite a while since I posted anything here!
Things are happening in my Hidey Hole,
but I can't show them yet.

In addition, I had a carpal tunnel release a week and a half ago,
so that has slowed down the sewing.
I had the forethought to cut a quilt to have ready to sew
after the surgery and I finished that in record time!
I can sew, but it really bothers my hand to cut things.

What am I going to do??
When I moved 2 1/2 years ago, I put some things into the plastic cases
they sell for scrap booking papers and such.
I pulled one of those out and found all of these 1 1/2" strips
I had cut when I made my sister and brother in law a
GINORMOUS log cabin quilt a few years ago.
The fabrics are all reproduction fabrics.... NOT my favorites at all.
I had also sewn a bunch of bits and pieces together into blocks
with no plan in mind.

Out came this box.

Maybe I could do something that wouldn't require a lot of cutting.
String quilts are not my thing, either,
but I could make some string blocks with all of these strips.
Someone would like it!
(I hope!!)
The green strips were pulled out to use for the centers of the blocks.

A bunch can be sewn and then trimmed once it's comfortable for me
to use the rotary cutter again.
I pulled out the blocks I had made and put them up on my design wall.
It looks like someone threw up reproduction fabrics all over the place.
Now what to do with these??

Happy Quilting!


Friday, August 4, 2023

The Flock is Together

 I started this quilt at the beginning of the year
and then put the birds that I had made away.
Some of the birds must have flown south for the winter
and it has taken them this long to come back.  :)

All of the birds are together and sewn into a finished quilt top.

Originally, I had made three bird blocks for the Queen Bee
for the Gridsters and the pattern was free on Block Lotto.
I can't find it there today, but it is on the Missouri Star website

Choosing the fabrics for these birds is so much fun.
The more colorful, the better.
I had the black and white swirls in my stash and love the
pops of color with the cornerstones.

They are all sewn together, so they won't fly away again!
(It's a very dreary day here today, so the photos are a little dark.)
Happy Quilting!

Monday, July 31, 2023

Veterans Hospital Quilts

 There is a quilt group in my area that makes and donates
quilts to our local Veterans Hospital.
They have sewing days once a month and a number of
the members choose to work on these quilts then.
I was told that last year they donated 120 quilts to the VA hospital.
120 Quilts!!!

This is not a huge group of people making these quilts.

One thing that makes it easier to receive so many quilts for donation
is that a few of the members will quilt the quilt tops at no charge.
The group purchases batting and backing, so all one has to do
is supply the top to them. It will be returned quilted and ready for binding.
I gave this batik top that I had made a while ago to a member of the 
group and it was quilted for me. I got it back, sewed the binding on
and am ready to return it to the group.

Since I am meeting this member to return the quilt,
why not have another one to give to be quilted?
I've had this French General jelly roll in my stash
for who knows how long,
so I thought it would make a nice quilt for a Veteran.

The only stipulation is that the quilt be 48x60",
so I added a row of 2 1/2" squares to the top and bottom to make it long enough.

This will be returned to me to be bound and maybe I'll have another
quilt ready for quilting.
Making quilts for our Veterans is a very small thank you for the
 sacrifices they make to all of us. 

Happy Quilting!


Saturday, July 22, 2023

Two Finishes and Projects in Motion

 There has been a lot going on in my Hidey Hole lately.
Some things I'm really enjoying
and some... not so much.

The Christmas tree skirt I made for a
September wedding gift is finished!

This pattern is one I designed on EQ8. I'd make a couple
of small changes if I were to make this one again,
but I'm pleased with the finish.
Next, I found this border fabric a few years ago
in a quilt shop while traveling.
(I wish I could remember where!)
I wanted something fast to make and pulled out
the fabric, along with a wedge ruler.
These two table toppers are the result
of an afternoon of play.

They are the top and bottom of the border and each 
one is so different.

I appliqued a little fussy cut circle in the middle to
cover up the uneven join.
One of these I will keep and the other I will gift.

Next, one of my nieces is having a little girl
after having three boys,
so a very girly quilt is in order.
I started with the Kaffe piece and pulled
the pinks and turquoises to go with it.
I just love quilts made with triangles.


The colors are a bit off in this photo, but I like
where this is headed.
 Some tweaking still needs to be done and I may
add two more triangles to each row. 
The baby is due in October, so I have time.

Then there's this....
Each year I go to upstate NY with my sister in law
for "Quilt Camp".
There are six of us who attend.
Last year we decided to draw names and make a 
quilt for that person. 
Whose name we drew and the quilt we are making is a secret.
It was decided to use Cake Mix 3 and the layer cakes of our choice.
Let me just say.... I am not a Cake Mix kind of gal. 
Sewing all of these pages and then cutting and trimming
takes sooooo much longer than just strip piecing
and trimming the HST's.
It will get done, though!
I have until October to finish this one, too.
My goal is to have the top done in the next two weeks.
Hopefully, I'll have all of the papers removed by then!

Happy Quilting!

Sunday, July 9, 2023

Christmas Tree Skirt

 The daughter of a dear friend is getting married in September,
so, for those who have followed me for a while,
you know what that means....

A Christmas tree skirt is in the making.

This is my traditional wedding gift, when it's appropriate.

This one I designed myself on EQ8.
There are a few tweaks I'll make when I make this pattern again,
but, overall, I'm pleased with the design.
It was fun going through my Christmas fabric stash,
choosing which fabric would go where in the design.

I will get it quilted and set aside for September.
Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Seasons Quilt

 Another quilt is in the works in my Hidey Hole.

My church is celebrating our 75th anniversary in the fall and I was asked
if I would make a quilt that represents what
St. Matthew's means to me. 
It will be raffled off during the celebration weekend.
This quilt represents the liturgical seasons of
the Episcopal Church.
The order of the seasons never changes and brings
peace and comfort to me as we go through the year.

Green represents Ordinary time and the season of Epiphany (the time after Christmas).
Purple represents the seasons of Advent and Lent.
White represents Christmas and Easter. Easter season lasts for 50 days.
There are a few Sundays during the year where white is used as well.
Red represents Pentecost (the day the Holy Spirit came down on the church).
Borders will be added to the quilt next.
I designed this quilt using EQ8 and am pleased with how it is coming together.
Onward and upward!
Happy Quilting!

Friday, June 30, 2023

Three Dudes Quilt

 My mom and I had very different tastes in a lot of things
and especially quilting.
I'd make one of my Kaffe quilts or bright batik quilts
and she would say
"That's really nice, but please don't make me one like that."
Then we'd laugh and tease each other about our differences.

I started making this Three Dudes quilt and she saw it
when she was at my house one day.
She asked if I had anyone in mind for this quilt.
When I said no, she said she would like to have it.
Mom was moving into a new apartment and was getting
some new furniture. She thought this quilt would look nice
with her new furniture.
I told her I'd be happy to give it to her for her new home.
Mom moved into her new apartment and three weeks later she died.
The quilt sat unfinished. 
I'd move it from spot to spot,
telling myself I needed to finish it,
but did not have the motivation.
Finally, a few weeks ago I said it was time.
I sent it to Jennifer at Peaceful Hill Quilting and she quilted
a simple hexagon pattern into the quilt.

The quilt is now finished.
I won't keep it, but will find a new home for this one.
I love the design and the colors,
but it isn't mine.
My mom died in October, 2021
and I miss her every day.


Thursday, June 29, 2023

Busy June

 This month has been a month of completions for me.
It feels good to have these few things finished
and checked off of my list.

First up...
the patriotic table topper for me!

These are the table runners I made for my siblings.
I had four stars left and decided to make a table topper for myself.

These are big stars, so this is a good size topper.

I had fun quilting this one, but don't look too closely.

Next finish is the Disappearing Rail block quilt
that I saved from being tossed in the trash.
If you remember, this is what it started out as...

After some slicing and dicing and more sewing,
this is what it became..

Soooo much nicer to look at!

There are more of these blocks,
so another baby quilt may be made in the future.
Next up is a top that I made from a gifted batik jelly roll.
This design went together so quickly.
I had planned on making something else with
the jelly roll, but I really like the simplicity of this block.

 Once this one is quilted, I'll donate it to the group that
gives quilts to our Veterans hospital.

There is one more finish,
but this finish needs a post of its' own.
Happy Quilting!