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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Hemingway Pouch


On Sunday, after our Thanksgiving guests had left and the
house was put back in place,
I just needed to sew something.
I had purchased the pattern for the Hemingway Pouch
and decided to make one or two.
This pattern is really well written,
goes together very quickly
and makes the cutest pouch.

The blue pouches are the XL size and the sea life pouches are the large size.
One zipper makes two pouches, but you do need another zipper pull.



These are lined with bound edges inside and are so pretty.
I used two layers of batting for my pouches.



This wedge is cut from the quilted piece to make the angle
of the XL pouch.
I didn't want to waste this quilted fabric
and decided to try making a small pouch.
From this XL wedge, I cut the narrow end off at 14".



These two cute little pouches were made from those wedges.
I see more of these pouches in my future, after I purchase
some more long zippers.

Happy Quilting!


Vicki in MN said...

Just the other day I saw her making one on IG. You did a great job! Love your pretty blue fabrics. Where did you get extra pulls from?

straythreads said...

Cute little bag I will look for that pattern

Darlene B said...

I love these pouches!