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Friday, January 29, 2021

Kaffe Hexagon Finish

 This little quilt was made from extra triangles I had cut
to make another Kaffe scrappy quilt.
I couldn't let these triangles go into the scrap bucket
because they may never see the light of day again.

I decided to leave the points at each end of the quilt instead of 
straightening the edges.
Binding these points was pretty easy since the inside angle
was not too sharp.

A simple corner to corner quilting was done.
I really like the white with black fabrics used for the
fill areas. I may have to do something like this again!

This one may be donated to Hands2Help,
but I need to measure it first.
Happy Friday, All!

Happy Quilting!

Monday, January 25, 2021

Dinosaur Finish

 My family is very prolific.
My daughter and a niece had babies in December.
Two nieces (Sisters!) are due on March 3rd,
and a fifth niece is due in June.
This will make 18 great grandchildren for my mom
from 13 grandchildren.
Needless to say,
lots of baby quilts have been needed.
My latest finish is the baby quilt for one of the babies due March 3rd.
He's a boy. :)
This quilt was made with one of Elizabeth Hartman's' patterns 
and was fun to make.
I had not used one of her patterns before and can see more in my future.


I was going to quilt it with a grid design,
but Ann at Straythreads suggested using leaves.
I loved this idea and that's how it was quilted.

These guys have their food and shelter right there
and are ready for this little guy to be born soon.
Onto the next baby quilt!
I'm linking to Design Wall Monday today.
Happy Quilting!

Friday, January 22, 2021

Dinosaur Hunt is Over

 This past week found me trekking through the countryside
looking for dinosaur parts and I found them all!
The blocks are finished and sewn into a quilt top.
This was made using Elizabeth Hartman's pattern and
fabrics all from my stash.
I have never made a quilt like this and really enjoyed the process.
It sure slowed me down, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing.  

I didn't have enough of one background fabric to make the
entire quilt, so I used a different background for each dinosaur.
The colors in the photos are off a bit,
but I love all of the greens.

After finishing the top, I've been pondering how to quilt it.
I'm leaning toward using a diagonal grid
or a straight grid, but we shall see.

These guys are pretty cute... for dinosaurs.

Hopefully this will be finished soon!

Happy Quilting!

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Odds and Ends

 These past few days have been spent getting things that have been
languishing around here finished.

I've had this quilt on my design wall for a couple of weeks
and have been slowly sewing it into rows. 
I woke up at 4am today (😒) and decided to get this top finished.

This is another Kaffe scrappy baby quilt.
It was dark and dreary here today,
so the color in the photos is off.
You get the gist.

I used three different black on white prints from my stash 
for the fill triangles and love how they look with the Kaffe.

I am going to leave the points on the edge and quilt it like this.
Maybe I'll be brave (or crazy) enough to bind it this way, too.
We will see how much time I want to spend on it when it
comes time to bind it.

Two of my nieces, who are sisters, are due on the same day in March.
One is having her third boy and the other is having her first child.. a daughter.
The knitting needles have been busy making baby sweaters.

Neither has been blocked yet and both are waiting for buttons.
These yarns are so soft and cuddley!

For you knitters out there....
I had to save the sleeve stitches and pick them back up after
the body was completed. I used the same size DPN's as the circular needled
used for the body, but why do the sleeve stitches look smaller?
Maybe my knitting is tighter using the DPN's?

I didn't notice this until they were finished.

These two hooded baby towels have been cut out and waiting
to be made. They were both finished today, too!

It has been a productive couple of days here in my hidey hole.

Back to Dinosaur land!

Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Dinosaur Parade

 The dinosaur construction has begun!
The pattern is divided into 8 blocks for the baby quilt size
and I have finished two blocks.
I've decided to cut all of the pieces and kit them up 
before proceeding with the construction.
 Cutting all of the individual pieces is a bit time-consuming,
but each block goes together pretty quickly once that is done.
The fabrics have been selected for each block and are waiting to be cut.

Each block will have a different background,
and I'm using all batiks.

This guy looks more like a turtle to me,
but once he's with his friends,
he will look like a dinosaur... I hope!

Let the fun continue!

Happy Quilting!

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Dinosaur Baby Quilt

My family ended 2020 with two births...
a niece and her husband had their third child
and my daughter and SIL had their first.

This year will bring three more births to my family.
Two nieces are expecting on the same day and they are sisters!
The third niece is due in June.

The sisters are two in a couple of months,
which means I need to keep going on baby quilts!

Today I pulled fabric for the niece who is having a boy.
This baby quilt will be unlike any that I have made before
and I'm excited to be starting it.

Green batiks will be used to make the smaller version of this quilt
pattern by Elizabeth Hartman.

The first six blocks are done.
Many more to go!

(And the fabrics aren't Kaffe!)

Happy Quilting!

Sunday, January 3, 2021

First Kaffe Finish of 2021

 At the end of 2020 I pulled backing fabrics
and cut batting for four quilts that needed to be finished.
All of them were made with Kaffe fabrics. :)
One was finished at the end of 2020
and the second of the four was finished yesterday.

I pieced this top back in the summer, I think,
and love the grayish/purplish/tealish
Kaffe fabric with his prints.

This design is so simple, but so pretty. 
I love how it appears that you look back into
the quilt to see the print pieces.

I quilted the prints with feathers,
which you can't see very well.
The quilting should have been reversed...
feathers in the solid areas and
straight lines in the prints.
Oh well... 

This great fish print was in my stash.
I think I had bought it to make a bag that was
never made.
My husband said he likes the back of the quilt
better than the front.😊

The smallest of the three remaining quilts 
is finished.  Now onto the other two!

In the evenings, another Bucilla kit has come out to play.
These snowmen are just too cute!!
Happy Quilting!