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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Polka Dots and Paisleys

I love Polka Dots
I love Paisleys.
So when the new line from
Minick and Simpson came out...
I had to have some of the fabrics.
And to top it all off...
They are reds, whites and blues!

I ordered a Jelly Roll
and some yardage
and began to cut and sew.

This is what is now on my
Design Wall.

This pattern is in the latest edition of
"Block" by the Missouri Star Quilt Company.

It went together so quickly.
Sew four jelly roll strips together,
make 4 1/2" HST's from yardage
and stitch to each corner.

I love the pinwheels in this design.

This quilt may be given to
Quilts of Valor.
I need to check on the measurements to see if it is the right size.
These pieces are what is cut off from the corner pinwheels.
They are supposed to be used as a border,
but I haven't decided if I'm going to do that yet.
If they aren't used in the border, they will be used for something!

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Happy Quilting!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Text Top Finished

The blocks I made during my weekend retreat last weekend
are sewn together and the top is completed!
This quilt is so much fun to look at and see what the blocks are saying.

The pieces with color are making circles throughout the top.
Some of the color is subtle and blends a little into the background.

It took a while to collect all of the text fabrics and
I was able to find some fun pieces. 

Here are some of my favorites...
just happenstance... not fussy cutting.


This top is ready for quilting.
I found a pretty orange fabric for the backing and binding.

The seventh block of my applique quilt is finished.
This block has a lot going on in it
and it's not my favorite.

This block will be added to these...
only five more to go!

Happy Friday!
Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Retreat Experience

This past weekend, I attended my first
Quilting Retreat
in Sherman, NY.
I met two of my quilting friends from upstate NY.
We meet somewhere once a year and spend a weekend
laughing, chatting, stitching and exploring.

This was the first quilt retreat for all of us.

Needle in the Haystack is located in an
old dairy barn in the country.
Judy and Jeff, the owners of the business,
have turned this old barn into a lovely retreat space.
The barn is surrounded by beautiful flowers and
has gorgeous views of the sunset.

Judy and Jeff own a quilt shop in Erie, PA and then
have a fabric outlet here at the retreat center.
The fabric was $7/yard or less.

There were three different groups of quilters there for the weekend... 
making 21 total.
The retreat space was great.
We each had our own sturdy table with a light and comfortable chair.
There were ironing stations throughout the room and one big cutting table.
It would have been nice to have one more cutting station
and a design wall, but every available space was used.

The sleeping arrangments were different...
Most of us had to share a room with several other people.
The rooms were comfortable, though,
and the food was delicious.
Breakfast and lunch were provided.

There were quilts everywhere!
On the walls, on the backs of chairs, on the beds,
on the deck railings, in piles on shelves....
everywhere we looked there was quilting inspiration.

While I enjoyed the retreat,
I learned that this is not my thing.
Maybe I would feel differently if I had been with more people that I knew,
but I'm not sure I would go on another "sleep over" weekend retreat.
There are some hardcore retreat quilters out there!
One woman finished three tops,
having stayed up until 3 or 4 in the morning sewing!

It was a beautiful place and I did get a lot done,
but the best part was being with my two friends.

Happy Quilting!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Retreat Sewing

Early Thursday morning
I headed north to my first Quilt Retreat
and I have a lot of blocks to show for it!
 (I'll tell you about the retreat and the retreat center tomorrow.)

Before going, I took some time to cut all of the pieces for
a quilt I have been wanting to make for quite some time.
I had collected all kinds of "text" fabrics
and added some Kaffe fabrics to the pile.

At the retreat, I just pieced blocks...
all 36 blocks for this quilt.

I found this pattern online about 4 months ago and knew
my collection of text fabrics would work well with the design.

It's been a lot of fun collecting the text fabrics and now using them
for this quilt!
I'll continue to play with the placement and then start
sewing the blocks together.

While I was stitching these blocks together,
I used the "Leader/Ender" idea for the first time.

I jumped on the "tumbler" train and used my
Go! cutter to cut the shapes out of the text and Kaffe fabrics
before leaving.

A nice pile of tumbler pairs was made while assembling the other blocks.

Now that I am home and have the blocks on the 
Design Wall,
I can begin sewing the top together.

I'd say it was a very successful retreat!

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Happy Quilting!


Friday, September 18, 2015

Finished Fingerless Mitts

Knitting with the Alpaca yarn sure goes quickly!
My sister in law gave me two skeins of this
black and I found this great pattern for
Fingerless Mitts.

They are finished and ready for cold weather,
which I sure hope doesn't arrive for a long, long time!

I changed tha pattern a bit...
made the section after the thumbs longer
so they cover more of my hands
and I didn't add the buttons.

They are so soft and will be very warm.

Progress has also been made on my latest pair of socks.

These are going much more slowly than the mitts!
Size 1 needles versus size 8 needles...
Makes a bit of a difference.

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Happy Friday!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

One Top Finished

My Wool Basket quilts are coming together!

Yesterday I cut borders and decided to add nine patches
to the corners.
Plain and simple...
but enough for these busy blocks.

The spot is a spray of starch that hadn't dried.  :)

One finished... two to go.

Happy Quilting!!

Monday, September 14, 2015

More of the Same...

This weekend my goal was to finish sewing the
Friendship Star blocks together with the
Wool applique in the center of the blocks.

I had four more to make and they are finished!!
Yay! for a rainy Saturday!!

I have twelve of these blocks and I'm thinking of making
three quilts with four blocks each.
I don't need another large Christmas Quilt
and this way I can share my creations with others.

I love this whimsical basket.

Lesson learned....

Make sure the block being used as the pattern is

 Yep... I made four blocks like this!!

Pay attention, Ramona!!

I have added another finished block to my
Red, White and Blue applique project.

This is the last block I had prepped, so time to prep a few more....
Using the starch method to prep the blocks does allow for much faster
stitching of the blocks.

Six done... six more to stitch!

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Happy Quilting!

Friday, September 11, 2015

Bits and Pieces

This has been a bit of an odd week for me
here in my Hidey Hole.
I can't seem to settle on doing one thing for very long.

I have several different little projects to show today.

Last year I appliqued some wool baskets and flowers
on 5" squares and wasn't sure what I would end up doing
with them.

Here they are without the embroidered stems.

Throughout the year I have been making Friendship Blocks 
with these little basket blocks. 
My thoughts were that this would be a 
large Christmas quilt with the reds and greens.

As you can see, I have four more Friendship blocks to make.
The larger this quilt becomes,
the more I am inclined to make three smaller quilts with four blocks in each one.
I have to add the outside sashing strips and then will decide what to do.

Another applique block is finished for my new project.

At first I wasn't sure about the fabrics I picked for this block,
but now that it's finished....
I love it!
(The little circles gave me fits this time for some reason.)

I have one more block prepped and ready to stitch.

On the knitting front,
I made a Fingerless mitt

My sister-in-law gave me some alpaca yarn 
and, boy, is this yarn soft!
It's heavier yarn than what I am used to working with,
but it knits up so quickly!
I decided I didn't want the buttons that the pattern called for
and just stitched the cuff ends together.
 The second mitt should be finished in the next day or so,
but I don't want to have to wear these for a LOOOONNNNGGGG time!

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so go see what others are creating.

Happy Friday!!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

It's Baaack!!

My sewing machine has returned!
All tuned, oiled and cleaned... ready for action.

I had to take it for a test drive!

The blocks for this baby quilt have been stitched together
and the top is waiting to be quilted.

This one will be donated to the
Baby quilt closet at my church.

My sewing machine wasn't needed to complete this block.
It's number four of my new applique project.

This project is coming together!

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Happy Quilting!

Friday, September 4, 2015

It's Friday

The weeks just seem to fly these days.
It must be because of all the fun we are having!!
I've had fun cleaning, organizing,
 cutting fabric and hand stitching this week.

Another applique block is finished.

It took a while to stitch all of these leaves down.
And, no, those aren't chalk lines...
they are part of the design in the fabric.

Three finished!!

I haven't been doing as much knitting since I have
the applique project going,
but I have done a little while in the car.

These will be fun socks for someone to wear.
Black and Gold! VCU!! Go Rams Go!!
Only 70 days until the first Basketball game... Woohoo!!
(I don't want the days to fly past, but it is the best time of the year!)

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Happy Friday!!