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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Patriotic Finishes

The six Patriotic Table Runners are done!
I really wanted to get these finished before this weekend
since I will be seeing most of my family at a graduation party.

They are finished and ready to be delivered.

There are some really fun patriotic prints out there now.
They really make these table runners pop.

This design went together so quickly.
I saw it on Pinterest, but it didn't give the source.

Quilting feathers finally clicked with these...
at least in small spaces!


I love this fireworks fabric.


I didn't quilt anything in the color part of the HST's.
I like how they stand out more this way.

Have a wonderful, safe July 4th holiday!

God Bless America!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Presents!! For Me??

When my daughter was little,
any time she received a gift she would say
"Presents! For me?"
It has become a family saying over the years.

So, the other day there was a squishy envelope in the mail.
I opened it up and it was
"Presents! For me!"

Lara at BuzzinBumble
sent me a surprise as a Thank You for something I had sent to her.

What a surprise it was!

Lara made this zipper pouch from one of my favorite fabrics!
She knows I love Kaffe fabrics and she picked a great one.

Inside is more of this gorgeous fabric,
LOTS of space and a great pocket,
along with the goodies below.

It will be fun to create something fun with these new items.


It's funny...
the other day I was thinking about Lara's straight line quilting
and was wishing I could see it in person.
Little did I know that I would soon OWN a piece with
her beautiful quilting!
The texture this quilting gives is perfect for a bag
and I love the variation in the colors of thread.

It's beautiful.
Thank you, Lara!

Monday, June 27, 2016

One Done...

...Five to go!

The annual Red, White and Blue table runners for my family are coming along.

I think this one is my favorite one yet.
(You can see the other table toppers/runners I've made here.)

I found some great patriotic fabrics this year
and love this border fabric.

And look!!
Can you see??
Feathers!! For the public to see!
They are far from perfect, but they are better.
I didn't have to hide them this time.

This binding fabric is so fun, too.

I do have a confession to make and I hope I don't get kicked 
out of the club.
I do not like using the Wonder Clips.
They don't stay in place for me,
I have to pull them out before I want to as I'm sewing
and then the fabric moves.
I'll stick to pins.

For those of you who read my blog regularly,
you might remember that I said I was going to finish one Bucilla kit
per month.
May came and went without a finish, but I had made four already this year.
I pulled out a teapot ornament kit for June and started making the ornaments.

I finished two and that is all I'm making.

They are as cute as can be,
but WOW is there a lot of fussy work with these.

Each one has so much embroidery and it's tiny.
I'm not that into embroidery, so the others will not be made at this time.

Onto the next kit!

Happy Quilting!!

Friday, June 24, 2016

Patriotic Spirals

are coming along nicely.
Three tops are done and the other three are started.
These go together so quickly!

Fireworks are exploding around the edge of this runner.


The stars are shining and sparkling around this one.


I know your eye is drawn right to the border on this runner
and I'm okay with this.
I love this border fabric.
It's one of my favorite fabrics ever and I wish I had purchased a bolt of it.

It just amazes me how many choices of fabrics we have today.
The quilting possibilities are endless...


... and it keeps us purchasing more fabrics. :D

Onto the next three runners.
Then the quilting begins.

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Quilters ADD

These days my mind is all over the place when it comes to quilting.
I can't seem to stay focused on one project for very long.
I want to finish this,
I want to make that,
I NEED to do this.. right now!

Therefore, I have a LOT going on in my Hidey Hole.
I am trying to make myself finish things in this unfocused time.
"If you start this, then you need to finish that..."
This works for a while.
So in the meantime...
I have some new things to show!

On Sunday I did finish another "Sew Together" bag.
The second one went together much faster and I
didn't need my seam ripper at all!

I used a lot of the same fabrics as I did in the first bag,
because they were out. :)

I had white zippers and used these instead of buying the pretty colors.

I fussy cut the fabric for the pocket lining and made those extra pretty.


These bags are quite fun to make!

Yesterday I started work on my annual
"Red, White and Blue"
little quilts for my family.
I started this about 5 years ago and have made my siblings and mom
a little table runner or table topper out of red, white and blue fabric.
I asked my sister if she was sick of them yet and she said no!!

Borders will be added to these and then they will be quilted.
I make six each year.

I saw this design on Pinterest, but it didn't credit the source.

My dad was one of the most patriotic people I know,
so each year I make these in memory of him.

Below are the four other annual table toppers I've made.

Happy Quilting!!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Sew Together Bag

Ok... I usually am behind the times as far as new, inovative
things go.  It takes me a while to get up to speed with the
latest and greatest, and by the time I buy it or make it
or whatever, it isn't the latest and greatest any more.

WHY did I wait so long to make one of these bags??

I've had the pattern for probably two years.
I have seen so many completed bags on the web,
but I hadn't pulled my fabric and made one....

...until yesterday.
A friend is having a big birthday and I decided to make
her a "Sew Together" bag.

She's a huge beach person and I had the perfect fabric!

The cutting, fusing and sewing began.
I quilted a piece of fabric for the outside and trimmed it to size.

I found a blog with a step by step tutorial and
breezed right through the construction.
(ok... my seam ripper was used a few times!)

It's going to be fun to find little treasures to put in all
of these pockets for my friend!

I learned some things making this first one,
so the next one should be easier.
Yes... I'm already planning the next one (or two or twelve!)

Please visit Patchwork Times to see what others are creating.

Happy Quilting!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Fun Day!

Yesterday some friends came over to sew.
I rarely have sewing dates with friends,
so this was special.
We chatted, laughed and sewed the morning away.
Once they left I continued to sew
and finished this!

The center had been made a couple of weeks ago,
so I started adding the borders and prairie points.

I think this little polka dot fabric is one of my favorites.
It has been used in a number of quilts and I was glad
it's still being sold, as I had to order more for this little quilt.
It was a bit of a challenge to get the dots to run in straight lines though...
they don't run along the grain of the fabric. 

I found a version of this quilt on line and
 added my own spin to it. 
I love the bold pinwheels against the little dots.

Once this is quilted, I'm going to save it for a special little one.
(Just as I was getting ready to publish this post, my husband called
to tell me of friends who are expecting their first child. 
I think I've found the special little one.)

I do have a question...
I've never made prairie points or had a quilt with them.
When this quilt is washed, will they lose their shape at all? 
Will they need to be pressed back into shape?

Have a wonderful day all!
Happy Friday!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Baby Quilt Finish

We have friends who are expecting their first baby in August...
A Girl.

You know that meant a baby quilt needed to be made!

The top has been finished for a while,
and I finished sewing the binding on it today.

A bright, fun, happy quilt for a new little girl.

I quilted "modern" flowers on it and am pretty pleased
with my efforts.
(Just don't look too closely! :D)

As I have mentioned recently, making the backing is my least favorite
part of quilting. I didn't have enough of the lavender fabric for the back,
so decided to use some of the extra squares and HST's to make it big enough.
I have to say, I love the back!

It's difficult to see, but I had made the backing longer then I needed,
so I was able to cut some binding strips from the extra.
The binding has little sections of the squares and HST fabric interspersed
along the way.

I am making progress on the other baby quilt I am making.

The triangles are all sewn together...

...and it's trimmed.

Now I need to sew the borders on to this.

Aren't those daisy's just too cute and happy!
This little quilt makes me smile.