"Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning, the devil says...."Oh crap! She's up!" Unknown

Thursday, December 31, 2020

One Last Finish

 Today is the last day of 2020 and I don't think
anyone will wish that this year could have lasted longer.

On this last day of the year,
I have one more finish in my Hidey Hole.
The quilting mojo has not been here recently,
even though I've been working on other crafty things.
Then this past week the itch started...

I pulled out a pile of triangles I had cut from Kaffe scraps
and started to play with them.
More triangles needed to be cut to add some more color
and fabrics and the neutral fabric was chosen.
After playing around with the pieces on my design wall,
this is what came to be.

There is something about triangle shapes that just draws me.
Maybe it's the simplicity of the design... I don't know.

My original thought was to add more rows to make the quilt longer
and have the triangles pointing down.
Then I decided that I like them pointing to the side.

I had this piece of Anna Maria Horner fabric in my
stash and it made the perfect backing.
Some simple straight line quilting was done
and the quilt is finished.
This will go in the donation pile.
While I was looking for backing fabric for this quilt,
I pulled backing fabrics for three other quilts that have
been waiting to be finished.
Making the backs for quilts is my least favorite part of quilting.
The backing fabrics were found and sewn together, batting was cut
and now these three quilts are ready for basting.

The thing that struck me with these four quilts....
(the three waiting to be basted and the one I just finished)
all of them have been made using Kaffe scraps!
I do have other fabric in my stash,
but these Kaffe scraps keep multiplying and NEED to be used!
And since I had triangles that didn't get used for the first
quilt mentioned in this post,
Another quilt is on the design wall.



I pulled some white with black fabrics from my stash for the
neutral places in this design and really like the look.
Maybe one of my goals for 2021 should be to use fabrics other than Kaffe!
(But they are my FAVORITE!!)
I pray that everyone has a blessed and joy-filled 2021. 

Peace be with you.

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

2020 Review

 The year 2020 certainly didn't play out like any of us expected.
Back in January, no one knew that we would be at home
way more than any of us would like, 
or that so many people would get sick and/or die from a virus,
or that so many would lose their jobs,
or that the world economy would take such a hit.

Thankfully, my family has remained healthy and
has been able to carry on without many set backs.

For me, one good outcome to this pandemic and the
isolation that came with it, is the amount of time I was able to spend in my
Hidey Hole.

Don't get me wrong... I would have much rather been out and about
amongst the people, visiting family and friends, 
going to church in person, eating in restaurants, going to shows, and
screaming at basketball games and other sporting events.
 But, since I was home, and have all of this fabric and unfinished projects,
I made use of the time.
Here is a recap of my Hidey Hole 2020:

These quilts were all completed in the first half of the year.
Several had been started previous to 2020 and were lingering.
Three were kits that had been in my cabinet for Way too long!

These quilts were finished in the second half of 2020.
During the second half of 2020 my time was taken up with
making baby things for my granddaughter, who was born Dec. 27th!

These were a lot of the "other things" I made this year.

I pray that 2021 is much easier for everyone
and that we can return to some kind of normal.
In the meantime, may your creative side bring you some 
peace and serenity.

Happy Creating!

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Olivia Rose

 Ok.... I promise that I won't be posting photos
of my new granddaughter every day.
Maybe every other day!!  :D

 That face! It just melted my heart.
The fun thing is she might be a redhead!
Both of my daughters are redheads,
so this would be so wonderful.

Back to normal programming now.


Monday, December 28, 2020

Welcome to the World, Baby Girl!

 This year of 2020 ended on a very high note for us.
Our granddaughter... our first grandchild....
arrived last night at 9:05 California time.

Meet Olivia Rose!

Mom, Dad and Olivia are all doing great.

And, of course, I can't wait to hold her.
God is good!

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Holiday Tidbits

 Christmas 2020 has come and gone
and was a quiet celebration with my husband and Doodlebug.
Like so many others, we didn't get together
with other family this year.
It just isn't worth the risk.

I did get the Bucilla stocking finished for Baby Girl.
It is ready to be filled next Christmas and beyond.

Once again, I made a quilted stocking
and attached the felt stocking to the front.
This makes for a very sturdy stocking
that will be able to be stuffed with goodies.

This fabric is on the back and the inside.
The binding fabric was my mom's from the 90's,
I think.  I was glad to use some of it.

The Bucilla kit for the stocking came with this bonus ornament.
It went together in no time and is so cute!

Our tradition for Christmas breakfast is to have
homemade cinnamon rolls.
This year I made enough to share with friends
and family.  The recipe is from
Ramona Cafe in Ramona, CA.
I was named after the person for whom
Ramona Ca is named.

And look!!!
I have a quilt started on my design wall!

I pulled out my box of Kaffe scraps again
(the box has been sitting on the floor in my hidey hole
for months, so I didn't have to go far!)
and cut some triangles with my Accuquilt cutter. 

For the neutral triangles, I'm using the Ombre Confetti.
I love the gold sparkle with the Kaffe prints.
Hopefully this will be a finished top soon.
Happy Quilting
Happy End of 2020!

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

My Stocking for Baby Girl

 A few weeks ago I posted about the Bucilla stocking I made
for my granddaughter, who is due at the end of the month.
This stocking went to her house for her to use there.
I have made stockings for my daughter and son in law
to have here, so they don't have to bring their
stockings with them when they come for Christmas.
(Plus, I LOVE making these stockings and it has given me
a reason to make more of them. :))
Baby Girl needs her own stocking at my house, too.

This stocking was SO fun to make!
There weren't a lot of parts and pieces,
so it went together pretty quickly.

The only thing I changed was using real bells
instead of making the felt bells.
I will make the stocking part next and stitch this to the front.
It will be so wonderful to fill this stocking over the years!
Happy Creating!

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Round and Round She Goes

 I have had a box of scrappy skinny strips and two hanks of clothesline
for quite some time, just hanging in my cabinet waiting for their 
turn to come out and play.
While reading Vicki's blog, I was inspired to get these things out
and do some mindless sewing. 

I've never made anything like this with cording or clothesline
and now understand what people mean about it being addictive.

While watching college basketball, I've been winding
the fabric strips onto the cording.

Once it's long enough, I go sew the cording into these wonderful circles!

Three have been made so far and I need to buy more clothesline.
For each placemat, I am using 50 feet of clothesline and LOTS of scraps!
I did make some coasters with the first 50 feet,
so I could practice the technique.   

It's not a quilt, but I'm playing with fabric!

Happy Creating!

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

More Little Projects

 I can't seem to find the motivation to begin a big quilt,
so the little things are keeping me busy.

My sister gave me some fingerling weight yarn that is 100% wool,
so I couldn't use it for socks.
Instead I made a little sweater for my granddaughter
who is coming soon!

Is it just me or has the button selection at Joann's really gone down hill?
I would not have chosen these buttons for a newborn sweater,
but beggars can't be choosers!

One of my traditions now, it seems,
is to make pillows from dishtowels.
I look for fun towels to use
and these go together in no time.

Last week I was visiting my daughter and son-in-law in
California to help with some last minute things before the baby comes
and took these to them.
I bought the pillow forms once I was out there and stuffed them.

The fun thing is my SIL is a C5 pilot for the Air Force.
Last year my daughter found this fabric on line with C5's on it.
It's kind of blah, but made cute pillow backings!

I also made him some masks out of the remaining fabric.
He was quite excited about those!

Hopefully soon I will have a quilt going in my hidey hole.
Until then, the little things will keep me busy.

Happy Creating!

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Baby Things

 With my granddaughter arriving at the end of this month,
I have been busy making her little baby things.

Making things for littles is so much fun...
(and goes so quickly!)  :)

This little sweater pattern in called Newborn Vertebrae.

It's knit without a front for skin to skin contact
Also, if the baby spits up, one doesn't have to change the sweater.
It was strange to knit at first,
without a front, but went quickly. 

These are quilt as you go bibs.
I bought the set on sale somewhere and had fun making these, too.
I need to add the fasteners and these will be finished!

I found the softest terrycloth for these baby wraps
(This is the bamboo double terrycloth.)  
These wraps went together quickly and will be so cozy soft
for the baby. I'm tempted to order more of this terry cloth
to make some robes! 
The shipping was super fast and they sent me samples
of other fabrics they sell.
I have three nieces who are also expecting,
so I will be busy making these little things for a while!
And, of course, baby quilts will be made for each little one.
Happy Creating!