"Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning, the devil says...."Oh crap! She's up!" Unknown

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


We just returned home from spending a few wonderful days with
our daughter and son-in-law in California.
It was warm, not too sunny, but warm.
And it's snowing here...AGAIN!
Doesn't Mother Nature know that we've already had two
snows this winter and that is plenty??
I guess she doesn't care. :)

One good thing about snow in the south
is that it slows the pace of life.
(Unless you work for VDot!)
I've spent the morning working on my version of
"On Ringo Lake"
and have half of the blocks sewn together.

I decided to leave out the sashing and may use it as an outer border.

The biggest problem with changing the layout is
the seams aren't pressed in the right directions for nesting.
                        I'm not going back to remake all of the units, though, for this to occur.

Hopefully in the next day or so the other half of the blocks will be sewn together.
Then I will decide whether or not to add an outer border using the sashing pieces.
 I am really liking how this is coming together.


I haven't shown any knitting in a long time.
I've made several pair of socks, but just haven't put them on the blog.
This sock was so fun and easy to make, with
just one cable going the entire length of the sock to add some pizzazz.

There was a lot of knitting time on planes back and forth to
California, so the second sock is well underway.

Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Decisions, descions...

All of the units for the mystery quilt
"On Ringo Lake"
are sewn and trimmed.
I've seen several different layouts that people
have used and really like some of them.

These colors are just beautiful together
and I love how the blocks finished.

I am trying to decide if I want to follow the original plan
 from Bonnie Hunter or change things up a bit.

This is the original layout minus the brown cornerstones.
While I like this layout,
it's super busy.
One really needs to pay attention to the direction of the
sashing pieces, too.
I was getting them backwards, just laying out a few here.

As I was making the blocks,
I put them on my design wall without the sashing
and really like this look.
I was trying to think of what to do with the sashing pieces
and then I saw others using them as the outer border.

This layout is so much calmer to me.
There is a lot of color and are a lot of pieces,
but my eyes aren't flying all over the place.

I think I've made my decision!

Maybe this will be a finished top soon!

Happy Quilting!

Monday, January 8, 2018

More Pillows!

My younger daughter and her husband moved to California
after getting married in September.
They purchased a house and have a couple of guest rooms;
one of which is going to be my older daughter's, who has Down Syndrome, "room".
They are decorating it in the colors of her favorite team...
VCU Rams black and gold.

They tried to find some throw pillows in those colors,
but did not have any luck.
Mom to the rescue!
We are going soon for a visit
and the pillows are finished and ready for delivery.

I had all of this fabric left over from two t-shirt quilts
I made a couple of years ago.

These pillows went together pretty quickly
and are bright and fun.

I'll get the pillow forms before we go and have them ready
for my daughter to put on the bed.

This backing fabric is so fun!
This is what I used on the back of one of the quilts
and had plenty left over to use on the pillows.

I'm linking to Design Wall Monday today.
Stay warm!
Happy Quilting!

Thursday, January 4, 2018

First Finish of 2018

I put this quilt top together back in the spring of 2016.
And then it waited and waited for me to quilt it.
Rarely do I have a quilt top hanging around for that long,
waiting to be quilted.
Unfinished, yes...
but once a top is finished, it's usually quilted fairly quickly.

this baby quilt is finished!

I saw this pattern on pinterest a long time ago
and loved the prairie points long the outer border.
Once it was made, I was concerned that they would
not stay sharp once the quilt was laundered.

A friend suggested that I sew buttons in the middle
of each point.
That would be super cute, and I even bought the buttons,
but then it couldn't be used as a baby quilt.

When I started quilting this the other day,
I decided to quilt the prairie points down with a little swirl.
Now it can be laundered and not mess up the points.

A niece is having her fourth child in March.
This one may be going to her for her new little one.

On another note,
I've been sewing the blocks together for "On Ringo Lake"
and laid all of the parts out together in piles.
Somehow... and I counted the units out into piles of 10...
I am 6 units short for Clue 5 and one unit short for clue 7.
I'll be getting those made this afternoon,
so I won't have to stop when I get to the last few blocks.  

Piles of units to be sewn into the blocks.

I hope everyone is warm and safe and sewing away in this frigid weather.

Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Happy 2018!

They say if you do something on January 1st,
you will do a lot of it throughout the year.
I'm excited because I spent time with my family,
including my daughter and son-in-law from California,
I spent time sewing and creating
I took a long nap!!
I am not a napper, but yesterday just called for one.

Over the past couple of days,
I've been sewing the clues for the
"On Ringo Lake" quilt mystery.

Here is the pile of Clues 5 and 6. 
They have all been pressed and most have been trimmed.

When the clue came out that shows the blocks sewn together,
I just had to make a few to see how I like them in person.

I like them a lot!
They are pretty busy and I'm not sure how they will look with the sashing
Bonnie has designed, but I will make a little and see what I think.

It's going to take a while to get these all sewn together,
but with it being so cold,
sewing is a good thing to be doing!

Happy Quilting! 
Stay Warm!

Friday, December 29, 2017

So Long 2017!

Here we are at the end of another year
and, once again, I'm wondering how we got here.
I asked my husband today how time can keep passing faster and faster.
I'm certainly not getting faster and faster!

This time of year a lot of us look back on the things we've accomplished.
One reason why I blog is to help me keep track and remember
what I have done and when.

It's been a busy year in my Hidey Hole!
And fun, too.

It's fun to look at what has been made all together.
My two biggest quilts were the 
"Diamonds in the Deep".
Both were made for wedding gifts
and one was for a California King!
I also participated in my first Quiltville mystery
and said I wouldn't do that again....
until I saw the color choices for this years mystery!


These are some of the baby quilts I made this year.
I've donated some and others were made for specific babies.
I just pin basted another one today!


We were invited to four weddings in 2017,
so that meant that four Christmas tree skirts were made.
I already know of two coming up in 2018!
I had fun making pillows, bags and a tuffet this year, too.

It's been a very productive and creative year.
I sure hope it continues in 2018.
There are a lot of quilts for which fabric has been purchased or
have been started and left hanging,
so the plan is to get as many of these made as possible.

Happy New Year
and may 2018 be a very creative year for you!

Happy Quilting!

Thursday, December 28, 2017

All Caught Up and Another Baby Quilt

These past few days have been wonderful!
I have been able to play in my Hidey Hole on and off
and have been checking quilty things off of my list.

I just now finished clue #5 for "On Ringo Lake". 
(For some reason I want to call it Lingo Lake.)

Anyway, I am caught up with all of the clues
and am ready for the next clue.

Clue #5 finished!

All of the clues together. I love these colors!

Last night I quilted another baby quilt I've had for some time.
I had a bunch of squares of Kaffe fabrics and polka dots
and made 9 patches some time ago.
They were sewn into a top and then waited to be finished.

I wasn't sure where this was headed,
but just kept making nine patches.


It's a bright and fun baby quilt
and will be added to the pile of
"Waiting for baby".

Two more things checked from my list.
Let's see what I get working on next!

Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Relaxing Sewing...

The past couple of days have been quiet and peaceful.
In fact, I haven't left the house since coming home from
church on Sunday night.
It's wonderful!
In these quiet and peaceful hours,
I've had a chance to sew and play in my Hidey Hole.

One of the things I worked on was getting the pieces cut
for Clues 4 and 5 of
"On Ringo Lake."

They are waiting to be sewn into the units.
Unit 4 was started last night and is half way finished.

For quite some time, I've had two baby quilt tops done
and waiting to be quilted.
On Christmas Day afternoon I pin basted each one
and began quilting the first one.

I had wanted to use a free motion design for these,
but I put a minky on the back and there was way too
much drag to free motion quilt.
Out came the walking foot and the quilting was finished.


One I quilted a foot length away from the seam,
the other is just next to the seam.

This pattern is from the Fat Quarter Shop
and is called Baby Gingham Quilt.
It went together in no time at all.

I just love the minky I found for the backing.
It is so soft and so fun with all of the animals!


These will go in my stack of baby quilts waiting for babies!


All bound and ready to give.

Now, back to sewing mystery quilt units!

Happy Quilting!

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Merry Little Things

This week I've been trying to get some odds and ends tied up and off of my plate.
This included a couple of things on my cutting table.
For some reason,
I cut a bunch of "JOY" letters from the prepared Crafted Applique fabric,
but didn't need all of the pillows they would make.
Instead, I made a table runner with two sets of letters.

It isn't the most exciting table runner,
but will add a little color to the middle of my table.

I think I have one more set of letters to use!
Maybe these will be put away until something else inspires me.

When I find something fun and easy to do,
I need to make one for everyone I know!
This year it was the dish towel pillows.

How could I pass this dish towel by??
I did tell myself to STOP looking at dish towels!

Then, I did get Clue #3 of the On Lingo Lake mystery finished.

Clue #4 hasn't been started yet and Clue #5 came out yesterday.
They will both be finished soon...I hope. :)

And, finally, I have this beautiful plant greet me each morning.

I've never had it bloom like this and am loving it.

Merry Christmas!!

Monday, December 18, 2017

One Week behind....

Last night I finished sewing the parts for
"On Ringo Lake Mystery Quilt"
clue #3.
 Clue #3 came out almost a week and a half ago,
but I'm doing pretty well considering I was sick
for three days last week.
(These darn winter colds! This one hit me Hard.)

after much cutting and sewing,
the parts are together,
but the trimming isn't finished.

The parts that are clipped are totally finished.
The other piles are waiting to be trimmed.

Slow progress, but progress none the less.

It isn't too late to join in the mystery.
Visit Quiltville to get the clues
and to see the progress of others.

I'm also linking to Design Wall Monday today.

My niece has started painting rocks and has made some beautiful ones.
She isn't hiding the really nice ones,
but is sharing them with people like me!
(Are people hiding painted rocks everywhere in the country
or is this just a Virginia thing?)

She gave me this one a couple of weeks ago.
It's so simple and yet tells such a beautiful, life changing story.

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Annual Ornament

Each year I try to make an ornament
to give to my family and a few friends.
Some years I succeed,
others I have to head to the ornament aisle
at one of the many stores that sell them.

I do have to say...
shopping for ornaments is NOT a chore for me.
I. Love. Ornaments!
The chore is not coming home with a
bag full of ornaments for myself!
My tree is packed already.

This year I did get them made,
and early, too!

For these candy cane ornaments,
I used plastic candy canes from the dollar store,
six to a package for $1.00!
Strips of homespun fabrics were torn 
width of fabric in various strip widths.
Then I started at the bottom of the candy cane
and wrapped to the top and back down.
I did stitch the end of the fabric strip down
instead of gluing it.
I bought a small evergreen wreath and cut
little pieces for the greenery,
one bunch of red berries was enough
and one package of stars on wire
was enough as well.

The end of the fabric was tucked in on the bottom,
but I left the top as a raw edge.

No hanger necessary...
just hang by the hook of the candy cane.

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 15, 2017

Pillows, Pillows Everywhere!

This year I decided to make some more
Christmas pillows,
primarily for myself, 
since I had just one.

pillows have been made,
And not just for me!

I've shared photos of the pillows
I've now given to some friends.

The five "Peace" pillows were given yesterday
to my friends in quilt club.
I have one more to finish for myself,
which may or may not get done before Christmas.

The other day I showed this photo of the
"Joy" pillows I made.

The letters were lost in the background of the pillows
and I wasn't thrilled with them.
Ann at Straythreads suggested I outline the letters in black.
What a difference this made!
Thank you, Ann!!

The letters stand out and can easily be seen.
These are ready to be given as gifts now, too.

A couple of weeks ago,
posted pillows she had made from dish towels.
Dish towels!!

Off to Target I went!
I found one of the towels she had used,
along with a couple of other towels as well.

Can I just say....
these pillows went together so quickly
and are just so cute!

 The towel for the pillow on the right was from the dollar section.
The one of the left was found back in the kitchen area.

As Sarah mentioned,
I took the bottom and side hems out 
and cut a 15" square from these.

 The backing is another kitchen towel.
This one came as a set with the "Peace"
dish towel.
I basically just had to cut the side hems off to get the
width for the backing.

Binding was from my stash.
I have two more gifts finished and ready to give.

And, of course, I bought this towel to make myself one, too!

This year has been the Year of the Pillow!
These have been quick and easy gifts to make
and so much fun!

Happy Quilting!
Merry Christmas!