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Monday, July 26, 2021

Libelle is Finished

It has been quite a while since I've posted anything here.
Time just gets away from us sometimes, doesn't it?
In the past month I've finished moving,
closed on my former house,
driven cross country with my daughter, granddaughter
and granddog,
driven to PA and NY to visit family and to attend quilt camp,
gone to northern VA to help my daughter and son in law move into
their new home,
and am continuing to get settled in my new home.
Needless to say,
there has been very little time for quilting.
Plus, I still don't have my new Hidey Hole put together,
but hopefully that will happen in the next couple of months.
One thing I did finish is the baby quilt for my new
Grand Niece.
Her middle name is "Libelle" which is
German for Dragonfly.
I had the perfect layer cake for this little ones baby quilt.

This has to be one of my favorites.
The dragonflies in the fabric are just perfect
for this baby quilt.
I had just found the layer cake 3 days before she was born,
not knowing that Libelle would be her middle name.

I was able to draw a dragonfly and stitch them
into the large triangles in the design.

Parts for a second quilt are cut out, too.
Her grandmother, and her namesake,
needs one of these.

The pattern is Emilia by Robin Pickens.
I have not figured out a new email platform yet,
and hope to do this in the next couple of weeks.
Hopefully it won't be too difficult to move those who
get my blog posts emailed to another platform.
Happy Quilting!

Friday, June 25, 2021


 My middle brother loves mechanical things.
He loves to figure out how things work,
why things work the way they do,
and is fascinated by old buildings,
manufacturing plants, etc.
When I saw this quilt pattern I knew I had to make it for him.

He loves the Escher quilts I've made,
but Kaffe is not his thing.
Instead I'm making this quilt in these fabrics.

 Not many pieces or colors, right?
This is going to be one tedious quilt to make!
Each piece has to be in the right spot
and the rows are long.

Thankfully I've started checking the placement each time I
sew pieces together.
Plus, each seam needs to be pressed open and I don't enjoy doing that!

Here are the first four rows.
Only 16 more to go!!

This week I am flying to California to help my daughter pack up their house.
Later in the week we will begin our drive back to Virginia
with a 5 month old and their English Lab.
(She, her husband and daughter are moving to northern VA...
only 2 hours from us!)
It will be and adventure, for sure!
I'm excited about seeing parts of our beautiful country I have not seen
and visiting quilt shops in states I have not been to.
(One of my bucket list items is to visit a quilt shop in each state.
I'm up to 25!)
It's a trip we will remember for a long time, I'm sure.
Obviously, there will not be much quilting done in the next couple of weeks,
but I'll be able to read blogs along the way.
So, until then....
Happy Quilting!

Sunday, June 20, 2021


 One of my daughters' college roommates is due to have her
first baby any time now.
She's having a boy and the nursery theme is the National Parks.
Plus, his name will be Theodore.
I found the PERFECT quilt pattern for this baby!

These guys were so much fun to make!
I had a cutting session
and then sewed them all at once,
so they were finished all at once!

I was very thankful that I didn't make any mistakes cutting
the pieces, because that could have messed up
every single bear.

This pattern is an Elizabeth Hartman pattern...
the second pattern of hers that I've made.
Glasses will be added to one of these guys
and then the top will be finished.
But look at what I found for the backing!!

This is the parents favorite park!
The panel will need to be trimmed, pressed and added to,
but it will make a great backing.
This quilt will be finished soon and given to 
Teddy after he is born.
Happy Quilting!

Sunday, June 13, 2021


 I have a new grand niece.
Her name is Julie Libelle.
Julie is after her grandmother, my sister in law,
and Libelle is German for dragonfly.
Grandma Julie loves dragonflies.
Well, I've had a quilt finished for this little one for a while.
(I haven't unpacked it yet from my move,
but am pretty sure I know where it is!) 
However, several days before she was born,
I was looking through a box of fabrics and found a 
layer cake of fabrics with dragonflies and such.
I told myself that I needed to make something with it
soon, since it was so pretty.

Little did I know that I would have Libelle arrive within days.

I saw this pattern, Emilia, by Robin Pickens on line and knew
it was perfect for these fabrics.

It was a bit fussy to make this from 10" squares,
but it came together and I love the results.

This needs a good pressing before it's quilted.
I love how the design goes out into the borders.

Do you see all of the dragonflies?
I'm looking forward to meeting my niece and
giving her this quilt.
(I think I may have to make her grandmother one, too!)
I am linking to Design Wall Monday today.

Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Annual Patriotic Table Topper

 For those who have followed me for a while,
you might remember that annually I make a 
Patriotic Table Topper for my mom and siblings.
My dad died in July years ago and was one of the most
patriotic people I know.
It started in memory of him and I have continued over the last 8 or so years.
This year I felt pressed for time with our move and
not having the sewing mojo (or "Sewjo" as Libby said!).
I decided to make my own "border fabric" and use the
60 degree ruler (which I had finally found in a box!)
to make these.

To make these, I sewed 2 1/2" strips in sets of four
and used the 60 degree ruler to cut the ends of the strip sets.
This tutorial helped get me started.

For some reason the colors of the photos are not accurate.
The fabrics are brighter than shown here.

I quilted them in different ways and 
bound them all with the same fabric.

 They are ready to give to my family this month.

When making the larger runners,
there are leftover triangles that were used
to make these little toppers.
These went together so quickly and are pretty cute!

Happy Quilting!

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Another Quilt Bound

 Before I moved I sent five quilts to a LAQ 
my SIL uses in upstate NY.
I figured I would be picking them up in July
when I go up for quilt camp.
This woman was fast and had them done in March!
Here is the third quilt I've finished from the five.

This pattern is called Junk Jewelry.
A while ago a friend and I cut out a bunch of wedges
from our Kaffe fabrics and each made a quilt.
I had so many wedges left over that I was able
to make a second quilt.
A wedge border was added to use up even more of the pieces.

The black narrow border adds so much to this quilt.
And you know I love the polka dots with the Kaffe!!

The LAQ used royal blue thread and quilted circles and swirls
across it. I love the design.

The backing is one of my favorite Kaffe prints.
This quilt is ready to be gifted.
Happy Quilting!

Friday, May 28, 2021

Scrappy Kaffe Finish

 This quilt was finished a few days ago,
but I didn't take the time to take photos of it until today.
The top was finished quite a while ago
and was one of the five I sent to my LAQ before I moved.
I really enjoyed making these blocks.
I can't remember the name of pattern and
have not looked in my boxes of patterns to find it,
but it was a wonderfully mindless quilt to make.
The pattern had all of the blocks sewn together
without sashing,
but it was way too busy for me.
There was nowhere for my eye to rest.

And you know I loved working with my Kaffe scraps!

The deck in my new house isn't as good for taking photos.
It was a super sunny day today, too.

This border fabric really works well with all of the colors in the quilt.

The sashing has tiny yellow polka dots
and the quilting was done with orange thread.

I think this quilt will go to a dear friend of mine.
I have given her table toppers and a wall hanging,
but have never given her a lap quilt.

There may be another quilt made from these blocks in my future.


Happy Quilting!

Thursday, May 13, 2021

A Finish!!!

 This quilt has been a long time in the making.
The top has been finished for several years
and just hung in my hidey hole, waiting to be quilted.
Before we moved, I sent a number of quilts off to be quilted
and put this one in the pile.

It is now done and ready to be donated.

Several years ago I decided to cut all of my
reproduction fabrics into  strips and squares and
use them up or move them out.
I'm not a fan of reproduction fabrics,
but have family members who love these quilts.
This one is the second quilt I made with HST's.

I love the simplicity of HST quilts.
The design allows the fabrics to sing.

It's so wonderful to have a finish!
Onto the next quilt that needs binding.

Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Temporary Set Up

 I am finally to a point where I can think of sewing and creating again!
My set up is temporary until the cabinets and such are built,
but I am making it work.
We creative types will do what we have to do to be able to create,
won't we?

Thankfully I use a table for my sewing machine
so that it's at the right height for me.
This table can go just about anywhere.

And look what I found!
Fabric for binding one of my quilts!

The binding is slowly getting stitched down to the back.
It feels so good to be doing this in my down time.

And look at what else I found!
One day I suddenly remembered where my rulers were
and found the 60 degree ruler!

This quilt is going to be for one of my brothers.
He loves all things mechanical and geometrical.
It will be a fun one to make.
The colors will be different from the pattern...
yellows, greens and grays with an aqua background.
Now if I can get rid of this thing for good,
I'd really be in business...

Too much painting and cleaning
and not nearly enough fun.
Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, April 20, 2021


 It feels like it has been YEARS since I have sewn anything.
I got through the shakes a few weeks ago,
which was tough.  :)
The move went well... it happened about 2 1/2 weeks ago.
Most of the boxes that can be unpacked have been unpacked.
The problem is we need to have cabinets built in several different places.
One of these places is my hidey hole.
Right now there is nothing in there to store all of my quilting
treasures.  I had to leave my cabinets in the old hidey hole
because they were built into the room.
I was over there yesterday and walked into my old room
and sighed.  I really miss that room.
Right now this is my hidey hole...
Hopefully it will be ready for action in a few months.
The cabinet maker is super busy
and has a waiting list.

The other day I wanted to start cutting out a quilt
that I purchased the fabric for a while ago.
I found the fabric, but cannot find the 60 degree ruler I need.  
I'm not purchasing another one because I already have at least two.
Hopefully I'll find one soon.
I also have 5 quilts to trim and bind.
(They were sent to my LAQ before we moved to get
them out of the house.  She worked very quickly
and got them back to me right after the move.)
Do you know where the fabric is for the binding for these?
Yea.. neither do I.
As my mom always says,
"This too shall pass."

In the meantime, I am handquilting this quilt top that
my great grandmother made.
I started working on this a long, long time ago.
Unfortunately I do not enjoy hand quilting
and am not very good at it.
Plus I am very slow.
At least it's giving me something to do with my hands
and maybe I'll actually finish it!
Happy Quilting!!

Monday, March 8, 2021

Boxes on Top of Boxes

 I'm not sure anyone realizes how much STUFF they have
until they are packing up a house.
We have lived here for 31 years and have accumulated so many things.
Now I'm packing and sorting and tossing and donating and ugh!
I'd rather be sewing.
For the meantime my Hidey Hole looks like this...

And these are just a few of the boxes.
This too shall pass, as my mother says.
Since I can't sew right now,
(what was I thinking when I packed up my Hidey Hole first??!!)
I am able to do some hand work in the evenings.

Thankfully I have a number of Bucilla kits to be made.

I just finished this set of ornaments last night.
The hangers will be added later on,
but for now, these will be packed up for the move.

I think I was moved to pack up my hidey hole first
so I wouldn't be distracted and come in here to sew.
Sewing is much more fun than packing!
Onto the next box!
Happy Quilting!