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Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday Start and Finish

As some of you know,
I make Christmas Tree Skirts to give as
Wedding Gifts when appropriate.

The past two years I have had to keep my
Christmas Tree Skirt production line open.
This year I have completed one
and have this one ready to quilt.

I have to confess.....
This isn't the design I started out making,
but after all of the pieces were sewn,
this is the result.

 Connie at Freemotion at the River
that I have made before and loved it.

You sew two little pieces in the wrong direction
and the whole look changes!

Thankfully, I like the new look.
Now to get this quilted, bound and wrapped!


Today I have a knitting finish!

A few months ago Judy at Patchwork Times made this shawl 
and I knew I wanted to make one.
I am a slow knitter,
but I finished it last night!
All it needs is to be blocked.

I love the cable down the middle of this shawl
and coming from a rookie cable knitter,
it was pretty easy to knit!

Hopefully I'll get it blocked this weekend
and will be able to wear it soon.



I'm linking to Patchwork Times today.
Please visit to see what others are knitting.

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Bags Abound

This week I needed some quick finishes.
I have a couple of large projects in the works, 
which are going to take a while to finish,
so I needed a finish fix.

Out came my Becca Bag pattern.

For some reason,
beyond my memory,
years ago I bought a bunch of this fabric line.
I must have bought a fat quarter bundle along with some yardage,
so it's being used to make these bags.

These bags go together very quickly.
The most difficult part is getting the zipper pull back onto the zipper
after it's sewn to the bag.

I have a few more in mind to make for gifts.

After making the Becca Bag,
I made another Sew Together Bag.
I'm addicted!

After adding the different fabrics to the outer panel,
I straight line stitched the quilt sandwich.


These fabrics are so soft and feminine.

It's so much fun to play with the fabrics and choose different
pieces for the pocket linings, etc.

I have one more of these bags cut out and ready to go.

I've had the inner part of this little quilt done since before Christmas.
It's paper pieced and was waiting to be made into something.
The border fabric was added,
the quilting was done
and it's a finish.
I should have taken the pins out of my design wall or moved the piece
before taking the photo.

Oh well.

Happy Quilting!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Kellen's Tree Skirt

Last night I put the finishing stitches in the
Christmas Tree skirt for my nephew's wedding gift.

Yay!! I have a finish and a completed goal!

The sun was so bright when I took this photo on my deck
that the colors aren't as sharp as they are in person.

This pattern is the "Joyful Jelly Roll Tree Skirt"
from the Fat Quarter Shop 
and can be found here.

The tree skirt went together very easily,
although there was a lot of waste,
especially in making the squares.
If I make this one again,
I'll string piece the squares.

I found the fabric for the back on sale.
I  love this piece.

Now I just need to put a label on it, wrap it,
and wait for the wedding at the end of the month.

I'm linking to Patchwork Times today.
Please visit to see what others have done this week.

Happy Quilting!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Tree Skirt Progress

The Christmas Tree Skirt that needs to be finished
by the end of the month is ready to be quilted.

This is a new pattern for me
and it's been fun to make.

The points have been trimmed off so the sides are straight.
The pattern called for white fabric on the border,
but it was just too much white for me.

I am using a lot of my Christmas fabric stash for this tree skirt.
Lots of metalic gold here!


Waiting to be pin basted.
Hopefully the quilting will be done by Sunday.

I also finished another
Sew Together Bag.
This one was used when I taught my friends how to make it.

There might be a few more of these in my future.

This one will be given to a friend of mine.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Happy Quilting!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Finished Bag

Over the weekend I had some time to sew
and finished one of the
Sew Together Bags
I started to teach my quilting buddies.

This bag is so much fun to make.
Picking the fabrics and
seeing it all come together is addicting!

For me, putting the binding on the sides is the
trickiest part. Stitching through all of the bulk
and making sure the binding is stitched down takes patience.

And then you end up with this!

How fun is that??

In addition to the secret wedding quilt I am making,
another wedding gift is needed by the end of  this month!

You know what that means.....
Christmas Tree Skirt time!

I am using a new pattern for this one.
Hopefully it will be a finished top by the end of the week.

Happy Quilting!

Friday, February 3, 2017

Finished Blocks!

The Wedding Quilt blocks are finished,
but I can't show them here!
Now I will begin putting the quilt together.

In the meantime,
I have done a little "non secret" sewing
and have a couple of things to show here.

My new quilting buddies all wanted to learn how to make the

Yesterday we all gathered here with supplies in hand and began the adventure.

I am making two bags at once.
The exterior piece is straight line quilted with variegated thread.  

This is the exterior for the second bag.
I've had these fabrics for years!
It's good to get them out and made into something.


The zippers are in on the interior for the second bag.
Following this tutorial helps so much in making these bags.

Hopefully I will have finished bags to show soon!


I have been able to knit some on my 
"Under the Oak" shawl the past couple of weeks.
After ripping it all out because of TWO mistakes
and starting over,
things are moving along nicely.

The pattern calls for one more cable, 
but I may make two more.
After the body is finished,
a band is knitted onto the shawl.

For all of you more experienced knitters,
how do I knit so the little openings don't form on the side of the
cable twist.
I have pulled the yarn as tight as I can when knitting
these rows, but get the little openings.

This isn't quite as portable as a sock!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

I'm Here!

Boy, when one is working on a secret quilt
that takes a LOT of time to make,
there isn't much time for anything else. 
Plus, the Blog is boring!

This week I did sneak in some other sewing though!

My History Club group started another session this month
and for this year we are making a quilt of
Bible Study Blocks.
At one point the patterns were free,
but now can be purchased here.

Our Club leader has divided the books of the
Old Testament blocks into ten months
and we are to make our own fabric choices.

Several years ago, when the red and white quilts were the rage,
I started participating in the
"Just Takes 2" quilt along.
I made it through the first quarter and became too frustrated with the quilt.

Fast forward to today.
I had purchased a number of reds with which to make that quilt
and haven't done anything with them.

Until now!

These blocks represent the first five books of the Bible,
but from right to left.
(Genesis is in the upper right corner.)
I guess I was channeling my inner "Hebrew" when I placed these blocks
on my design wall.

The blocks will be 6" finished.

At first I was going to use different background fabrics,
but I like the consistency of the one fabric.

Once again, Linda has picked a great topic for our club.

The "Secret" quilt is coming along.

These blocks are waiting to be trimmed
and then the strips below will be added.

This wedding isn't until May, but I am so glad I started
the quilt when I did.
It's taking a lot longer than I anticipated!


I was looking at something on line a while ago
and saw a photo of someone using a milk glass dish
as a "catch-all" for their sewing implements.

I have a small collection of milk glass,
but didn't have this piece....
until the other day.

Maybe this will keep my things where I can find them.

One can dream!
If nothing else, I have a piece of milk glass in my Hidey Hole!

Happy Quilting!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Secret Sewing and Not Secret Knitting

This week has seen a lot of sewing in my
Hidey Hole,
but I can't show you!

My god daughter is getting married in May
and work on her wedding gift has begun.

This is going to take a while,
so I am really glad I started early!
She reads my blog on occasion, so I can't show photos
of my progress here,
but can show little snippets.

It took me a LONG TIME to cut all of the strips
for this quilt.
Yes... it is just two colors.

Sewing the blocks together has begun.
It's going to be king size... my first!
(Her fiance is 6'5" tall!)

Lots of starch is being used.


There are a couple of knitting projects on my needles this week.

While in Pittsburgh last fall, I found this wool-free yarn.
It is so soft in the skein, but not as soft knitted.
I haven't used this yarn before, so will be interested to see
how it wears.
I love the stripes!


My daughter with the size 1 shoe wanted another pair of socks.
These take no time to knit!

This week I stepped out of my comfort zone with my knitting!
No socks on these needles.
This is Under the Oak shawl.
Judy made this a while ago and I loved hers.

This cable goes down the middle and is the focal point of the shawl.
So far, so good!

I'm linking to Patchwork Times today.
Please visit to see what others are knitting.

Have a great weekend!