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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Piecing and Knitting

Modern technology is wonderful, isn't it?
I've been gone for almost three weeks,
but because I could write posts and schedule their postings in advance,
it seemed like I was right here in my Hidey Hole the entire time.

My husband, oldest daughter and I took a wonderful trip
to Europe and cruised along the western coast of
France, Spain and Portugal.
We also visited the Canary Islands and spent a little time in Morocco.
The sights were just beautiful and the memories are great.

Now it's back to reality!

While I was gone I did a little knitting.
Knitting hasn't been on my list of things to do lately,
but it's such a portable project for a trip where
space is a premium.

This pair of socks was made while
relaxing on the ship
and during the hours of flying.
I love how the yarn pooled for these.


I also decided to try my hand at knitting mittens.
This is attempt #3.
I'm not thrilled with it and learned some things,
but they will be warm.
The thumb is made with the "Afterthought" method.
Next time I make mittens, I'd like to try the gusset method.

Since I've been home I've done a little playing in my Hidey Hole.

A few weeks ago I posted about the tuffet
I made for my niece.
I decided that with some of the extra fabric,
I would make two pillows to coordinate with the tuffet.
My niece isn't much into quilts,
but something simple would work.


This pattern is from the book called
and was so easy to make!
I'll get these quilted and made into pillows
and then send them to her for her new home.

My mind is overflowing with thoughts and ideas of
projects I'd like to make this fall.
We shall see where I am lead!

Thank you to all who commented on my blog posts while
I was gone! They were so fun to read when I returned home.

Happy Quilting!

Monday, October 9, 2017

More Bible Book Blocks

I realized that I have not posted about my new set of
Bible Book Blocks.
This year the History of Quilting group I belong to has been making
blocks that represent each book of the 
Old Testament.

We could chose any colorway we wanted
and use other block designs if we felt so moved.

I had a box of red fabrics I had collected to make
the first "It Takes 2" and didn't get too far into that process.

I am loving these blocks made with the red fabrics, though.

Here are the blocks for September.
There isn't a lot of contrast in the 5th block,
but for now it's staying as is.

 I love putting all of the blocks together on my
Design Wall.
When I'm ready to make the quilt top,
I'll decide on fabric for sashing and cornerstones.
Right now, nothing is coming to me 
except navy or dark blue.
We shall see!

There are a lot of different red fabrics in these blocks!

For the most part, these blocks have been fun to make.
Some were a little frustrating,
but thankfully not many.


Four more to go with the Old Testament Blocks.
I don't know if I have enough background fabric to make
the New Testament blocks.
The quilt may stop here.

Happy Quilting!

Friday, October 6, 2017

Pumpkin Finishes

I love Pumpkin!
Pumpkin pie, Pumpkin bread, Pumpkin cookies,
Pumpkin roasted with some onion and mushrooms,
Pumpkin Ravioli, Pumpkin cake,
Pumpkin anything (except ice cream).

When I saw this quilt with pumpkins,
I knew I would be making one.

Instead of one large quilt,
I made four smaller wall hangings.

I didn't make any of the pumpkins with 
2 1/2" squares as the pattern called for,
but love the striped pumpkins.

The wonderful thing about these pumpkin quilts
is they were all made from my stash.
 I didn't have to buy a thing!


They are ready for gifting
and celebrating fall.

After all of this talk about pumpkins,
I might have to go make some pumpkin muffins...
or scones...

Happy Quilting!

Monday, October 2, 2017


I have another finish today
that almost wasn't a finish....
several times. 

Several times I almost threw this little quilt in the trash.
It has been one of the most frustrating things to make.
In the amount of time it took me to make this little quilt,
I could have made a queen size bed quilt.

It was started over a year ago.
I'd work on it, get frustrated, put it aside,
work on it, etc.
The strips of color were not the difficult part to make,
but, boy, do they have stretch!
The edge of the color strips are all bias and it was really hard
to get them all the same length.

I swear I used a can of spray starch on this little quilt!

I finally decided to finish it no matter how wonky it ended up being.
And it is wonky!

This quilt is 18" x 18".
I would say 18" square, except it isn't square.

These little pieces of color are 1/2" wide finished.

No matter how much I starched, stretched, pinned and pulled,
I could not get it straight.

Oh well... lesson learned.
It's finished and the pile is gone from my Hidey Hole.

Onward and Upward!
If everything was easy,
where is the challenge?

Happy Quilting!

Friday, September 29, 2017

Another Finished Tree Skirt

My quilting seems to go in cycles....
start a number of new projects,
then finish a number of projects.
Start of number,
finish a number.

Right now I am in the
"Finish a Number" phase.
Thank goodness!
My Hidey Hole is being overrun with piles.

I started a Christmas Tree Skirt to be donated
for a silent auction item.
My stand-by pattern was used...
at Moda Bake Shop. 

It's finished and ready for delivery.

This is such a quick and easy pattern to use
and really shows off the fabrics nicely.


The glitzy, sparkly Christmas fabrics
are my favorites.


I used a Layer Cake for this tree skirt,
but I don't remember the name.

Another finish and another pile cleared!

Happy Quilting!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Tuffet for my Niece

My niece just finished the work on her PhD and has defended it.
She is moving to a new city to begin a new job,
teaching at a university and seminary.

Knowing that she would be needing to buy some things for her new home,
I asked where she would like a gift card.
(She isn't a huge fan of quilts.)

She shocked me with her response.
While here visiting for my daughter's wedding shower,
my niece asked if I would make her a tuffet!

Well, Of COURSE I would!

She let me know what colors she wanted
and I headed to the quilt shop.


A local quilt shop holds classes for the
construction of the tuffet periodically.
All of the sewing of the top is done at home
and then the instructor brings
the foam, base, upholstery tools and her know how
to the class.

This is the third one I have made
and each one amazes me.
How a bunch of 2" strips of fabric could turn into
something so cool is so much fun!

Once my niece moves,
it will be shipped to her.

I'm linking to Design Wall Monday today.

Happy Quilting!

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Pumpkins Quilted

For some reason I am not one to decorate for fall.
I have a few things people have given to me over the years,
but don't often pull them out.

This year I got the urge to make some
Pumpkin Quilts,
so I found this pattern and started cutting and sewing.

There are four of these wall hangings,
each with four pumpkins.
They are all quilted and have the binding sewn
to the front.

After quilting the first one,
I thought the pumpkins looked more like
orange apples.
I, then, quilted the "Pumpkin Lines" on the inside of each pumpkin.


I've had the border fabric in my stash for a while
and was happy to use it with these.


Hopefully the binding will get stitched down soon
and these will be given to their intended owners.

Happy Quilting!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Nine Patch Bliss

I haven't had a chunk of totally mindless sewing time in a while.
The other day I came into my Hidey Hole,
pulled out some nine patches I had made quite some time ago,
found my box of Kaffe scraps
and began to cut.

Making nine patches is totally mindless sewing to me
and Nine patches I made.

I had made a few of these some time ago
and had put them aside, 
not knowing what was going to be made with them.


A lot of the 2 1/2" Kaffe squares were already cut,
but the polka dots needed to be cut to make the nine patches.


I just sat in here with Netflix playing
and sewed and sewed.

One thing I like about Kaffe fabrics
is how the colors are the same tones
from the older fabrics to the newer fabrics.
They can be paired together and they look 
like they are from the same time frame.

Last night I prepped four projects for machine quilting.

The Christmas Tree Skirt will be quilted today and tomorrow....
I hope!


I was hoping to have these pumpkin wall hangings done
by now,
but we had visitors over the weekend!

I'm linking to Design Wall Monday
over at Small Quilts and Doll Quilts.

Happy Quilting!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Christmas Tree Skirts

Last night I pulled fabric to begin another
Christmas Tree Skirt.


The blocks are made for the new tree skirt
and are arranged on my design wall.
Some tweaking has been done since this photo was taken,
so the blocks are in place and ready for sewing.


As some of you know,
Christmas tree skirts are my "go to" wedding gift.
The one I am getting ready to make
is not for a wedding gift, however,
but for a silent auction item for an organization I support.

The auction will be in October
and I thought this might be a fun item to have in the auction.

While deciding on the design for this tree skirt,
I looked back at my photos to see
which designs I have used in the past.

I thought it would be fun to  have them all in one post.
Some of the tree skirts I've made did not get
photographed for some reason,
but most are here.

This is a Bucilla Kit I made for my younger daughter
one year for Christmas.
I think the kit has been discontinued.

My own design.

Made from the Moda Bake Shop pattern
"Fruitcake Under My Tree."
I made two of these this particular year
and made a HUGE mistake on this one.
The hole is not centered!
It actually works out well, though,
because we put a tree up in the corner of our foyer and the
skirt fits it perfectly with the hole off center.

This was made with a pattern that I can't find.
It uses the wedge ruler and was pretty
easy to make.

A bright skirt!

Another "Fruit Cake Under My Tree."

This pattern came from "Freemotion By the River"

I made this for my now Son-in-Law for
Christmas last year.
It's another discontinued Bucilla Kit.

An adaptation of the pattern from
"Freemotion By the River"

Another "Fruitcake Under my Tree."

I love this pattern and am using this one again for the
silent auction tree skirt.
It uses 10" squares and goes together so quickly.
It really shows off the prints nicely, too.

There are other patterns in my stash, waiting to be used.
They are such fun things to make for gifts
and people seem to appreciate them.

Happy Quilting!

Monday, September 11, 2017

Pumpkins, pumpkins....

Fall is creeping in a bit here
with cooler temperatures,
lower humidity
and leaves falling from the trees.
I hate to see summer end,
but it isn't up to me.

Things are slowly getting back to normal
after my daughter's wedding last weekend.
I didn't spend as much time in my
Hidey Hole
as I would have liked,
but did have some fun making

I found this pattern at Cluck, Cluck Sew
and gathered a lot of my orange fabrics.

Instead of making one big quilt,
I'm making a few small quilts.
They will be given as gifts
and shared with others.


 Some of the pumpkins look like apples to me,
but quilting should help that.
I'll quilt the curved pumpkin lines in the solid one especially.

The pumpkin on the right is gold metallic....
quite glitzy!

My thoughts and prayers are going up for those
in Irma's path and continue for those in Texas.
May God bless you and keep you all protected.


I'm linking to Design Wall Monday today
at Small Quilts and Doll Quilts.

Happy Quilting!