"Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning, the devil says...."Oh crap! She's up!" Unknown

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Such Exciting News!

We found out about a month ago that my daughter and SIL
are having a baby!
This will be our first grandchild and we are so excited.
They are due January 1st!

When I found out about them being pregnant,
I started knitting a little sweater and pair of booties.
They made the trip to California when we went recently
and have been delivered.

We do not know the gender of the baby yet,
so I thought this color yarn would work for either.

Now, my daughter and SIL do not like "things".
They have very few "tchotchke's" in their home
and do not like clutter.
I promised them that I would not be buying a lot of things
for this baby and would abide by their wishes.
After I gave them this set,
my dear SIL said to me,
"I'm on to you! You said you wouldn't BUY much
for this baby, but you didn't say a word about what you would
MAKE for this baby!"
:D :D 

After we heard the exciting news,
I told my husband that this will mean monthly
trips to California beginning in January!

God is good!!

Monday, June 29, 2020

Squad Car Quilt

A couple of weeks ago my aunt, who lives in Michigan, asked if I would
make an adult size quilt and a couple of baby quilts
to be used in squad cars and the ambulance in her small town.
The baby quilts I had made, but I didn't have an adult size quilt
done that would be appropriate.

Out came some fabrics and some simple, mindless sewing began.

Sometimes simple is best.
Sixteen patch blocks were made from some
shweshwe fabrics I had, paired up with the turquoise solid.


Some straight line grid quilting was done diagonally on the quilt.


I've had this fun fabric in my stash for a long time
and thought it would make a great backing for a squad car quilt.


Prayers were said over this quilt as it was being sewn.
One prayer was that it wouldn't be needed often or at all!


The pops of color in the shweshwe add so much to the design.


It has been washed and is in the pile with a few other quilts.
My aunt is going back home tomorrow,
so these will be delivered today.

Happy Quilting!
Be safe and be well!

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Camper Pillow and Quilt Top

Well, we bit the bullet and flew to California at the end of last week
to visit my daughter and son in law out there.
It had been way to long in between visits for us,
so we took our masks, hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes and 
flew out for a few days.
It was wonderful being together again.
We didn't go anywhere or do much,
but sat on their patio and enjoyed each others' company.

Before I left, I finished a couple of things.
One more thing was pulled from my never ending
cabinet of unfinished or not made projects.

I've had the pattern for this pillow for over a year
and have a friend who has a camper.
Out came the pattern, some fabric
and the pillow is finished.

It was fun choosing the fabrics for this camper.
The one mistake I made (and corrected it)
was to not back the white window with something
so the orange background wouldn't show through.
The window wasn't framed in the pattern,
but I cut the window out,
made a new one and sewed the frame around it to
hide the edges.

The backing has a zipper and isn't as bright as the photo shows.
The pillow has been delivered!
Another machine quilting project finished!

Last week my aunt, who lives in Michigan,
called and asked if I could make some quilts for
the police department in her small town.
The police chief asked for some child-size quilts
and adult quilts to keep in their squad cars.

I have the child size quilts made and made the top
of an adult size quilt before I left for California.

I've had 4 half yard cuts of this fun Shweshwe fabric
for several years and decided to use it for this quilt.


I pulled several fabrics to coordinate with the Shweshwe,
but the others (greens, oranges, white, etc.) were too
much of a contrast with the shweshwe.
I love the look of the turquoise, especially closer to the quilt top.


Sixteen patch blocks were made and then sewn into a top.


As I was sewing, prayers were said for the person
who will be wrapped in this quilt after whatever incident
they have that warranted a call to the police. 

It will be quilted and delivered this week.

Happy Quilting!
Be safe and be well.

Monday, June 15, 2020

Christmas in June

Last year my sister-in-law gave me this kit to make this cute
Christmas wall hanging.
It's been in my cabinet since then and last week
I pulled it out to get it made.
Making these kinds of quilts is not my favorite thing to do,
but I actually enjoyed the process this time.

I used clear thread to stitch the pieces down
and that saved a lot of time.
The kit came with everything, including the backing and batting!

Making this kit went so well that I decided to pull another one
out and get that finished, too.
 This one I bought last summer at a quilt shop in upstate NY.
I was up there for quilt camp and found this great shop.
Too bad I can't remember the name of it! 

If I had any red flannel, I would have switched the fabric out for the hat.
It's too dark, but will do.
He is supposed to have a string of lights embroidered from hand to hand,
but that didn't happen.
He's waving good-bye before he heads down the chimney!


Two more projects are out of my cabinet!
Oh, don't worry.... there are plenty more projects in there.

Happy Quilting!
Be well and be safe.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Solid Fun is Finished

I'm usually not one to make the more modern quilt designs that
are popular today.
I like more traditional quilts in bolder colors and fabrics.

This quilt caught my eye the first time I looked at the book
and I just love how it looks.

Here is the book I used...

There are some really fun quilts in this book made
with solid fabrics.

The quilt on the cover is what caught my eye.
I gathered my fabrics, cut the triangles and strips
and went to town.

The one thing I didn't like about this quilt was the zig zag edge on both sides.
I decided to add the extra triangles to give the quilt  straight edges on all sides.

After some diamond grid quilting and
adding a striped binding,
this one is finished.


I thought this quilt would take me a while to make,
but it actually went together fairly quickly.


This one is already spoken for and is being laundered as I type.

Happy Quilting!
Be well and be safe!

Monday, June 8, 2020

Peace To You

Every year I make a little patriotic quilted item for my siblings, my mom
and a couple of other people.
This started a couple of years after my dad died.
My dad was one of the most patriotic people I know. 
His country meant so much to him.

I began thinking about what design to use
for the annual project about a month ago.
As I was thinking of what to make this year
the word "Peace" kept coming to me.
There has been so much fear, anxiety and concern
surrounding Covid 19 and the quarantine that is in place
because of this virus, 
especially from those who have contracted the virus and been sick from it,
or have lost loved ones to the virus,
or are fearful of contracting the virus,
or have a loved one with the virus,
or have lost their job because of the shut down,
or are anxious because of the isolation
or a number of the above and other things. 

I have prayed for Peace over and over during this time.

Then the killing of George Floyd happened.
I began praying for God's peace over his family,
over those who are protesting,
over the business owners' who have suffered vandalism,
over those who have suffered so much over time from racism, 
over those of us who need to look into our hearts and root out any racist
thoughts and feelings we may unknowingly harbor there,
over our country and how we will move forward,
creating a place where there is equal justice for all,
and for all of us to listen to those who need to be heard for things to change.


I started to add borders and other things to these,
but Peace is all that is needed.


The letters were cut with my accuquilt cutter
and the Peace die.


Patriotic fabrics were used to carry on with the theme of these little quilted gifts.


Organic lines were quilted onto most of them.
A couple have all over meandering or swirls.


May the Peace that passes all understanding keep our hearts and minds today.
(Philippians 4:7)


Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Christmas Tree Skirt for Kelly

One of my daughters college roommates was supposed to be
getting married next month.
As is tradition for me,
I started on her Christmas tree skirt as her wedding gift.
Then, this past weekend, they had to postpone the wedding.
I thought about putting the tree skirt aside,
but why do that?
Get it done and checked off of my list.

This pattern was on Moda Bake Shop,
but is no longer there.

Here is a link to the pattern on another site.
I've used it a number of times
and love how quickly it goes together
and how it shows the fabrics so nicely.

There is metallic gold in a number of the fabrics,
giving them a richness and sparkle.


This was made with a layer cake, but I don't remember which one.
The backing fabric is from the same line
and I didn't remember that I had it!

Back when the isolation time started, 
I did a big purge and clean of my hidey hole.
All except the cabinet where my Christmas fabrics are stored.
Well, while I was looking for binding fabric,
a huge pile of fabrics fell out onto the floor.
It was time to clean this cabinet.
My mom gave me her Christmas fabrics years ago
and there are some that date back to 1991!!
Now that they are organized and neat,
I know what I have and HOW MUCH I HAVE!!
(smack my head!)
This year everyone is getting Christmas quilts... or 3!

Happy Quilting!
Be well and be safe.