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Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Scrappy Jabob's Ladder Finished

 This quilt just makes my heart sing.
I love the colors, the batiks, the design and the quilting.

It was made from the scraps of a queen size pineapple quilt
I made for my bed and love that I was able to get
two quilts from these fabrics.
(At least one more is coming soon!)
I have wanted to make this quilt for years and am so happy with the finish.

This design was so simple and quick to make
and is so striking, I think.
Making nine patches is one of my favorite quilty things to do.

quilted it for me and did a beautiful job.

I found an ombre for the backing and love it with the front.
The binding is the same fabric as the border.

This quilt measures 71" square and was going to be donated,
but I think I need to keep it for a while. :)
Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Pumpkin Patch Quilt

 It's not fall, but my Pumpkin Patch is finished!

The blocks for this quilt were made by my Bee Mates
in the Gridster Bee and I could not be happier with the end result.

On Saturday I picked it up from the quilter and started
right in sewing the binding in place.
Last night I sewed the label in place and it's a finish!

I have the prettiest pumpkin patch around!

The variety of pumpkins I received from my Bee Mates
was so awesome.
I never imagined they would be so creative and fun.

Here are the signature blocks in order of the pumpkin placement
on the quilt.

The quilter I used had a design with pumpkins and leaves
throughout... perfect for this fall quilt.


It will be fun to pull this quilt out in the fall
and think of the ladies who helped make it so special.
Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Coiled Placemats

 I have a drawer in my hidey hole with several bins
that hold different size scrap cuts.
I've tried to get into the habit of cutting the scraps into these
sizes when I'm done with a project.

One of the bins has the skinny strings and it was
overflowing to the point where it was getting
difficult to close the drawer.

Out came the hank of clothesline and the wrapping began.

I use 50 feet of clothesline for each placemat.
Over a couple of evenings,
I wrapped the clothesline with the strings
and then was ready to sew.

These go together so quickly! 
I love the randomness of the fabric scraps, too.

These will be put aside to gift to someone since
I have a set for myself already.

I do not know how they wash yet.
Mine have been used,
but have not needed laundering.

The bin now fits into the drawer and the strings don't get in the way of closing. 

Happy Quilting!

Thursday, February 2, 2023

Bunny Pillows

 A few years ago I saw a post on Pinterest
where someone had made pillows from dish towels.
Every since seeing that post, I have made a bunch
of pillows from dish towels for Christmas and other holidays.
Last year I bought some Easter dish towels, but never made the pillows.

They are done and ready for Easter to arrive!

I find that Home Goods often has the best selection
for dish towels that would make cute pillows.
These are all embroidered and so sweet.

This one I cut off center
(I was distracted!),
but it's still cute.

The rickrack is the bottom of the dish towel,
which would put the design too close to the bottom of the pillow.
I cut some from the upper part of the dish towel and
stitch it to the bottom.

I use the coordinating towel for the back.
There's plenty of fabric to put a hidden zipper in the back
and then the binding is from my stash.
All I need now are the pillow forms!
Happy Quilting!