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Monday, August 29, 2016

Borders Added

First, I need to apologize for the not so great photos of these quilts.
I was in a hurry and needed to get the photos taken before
leaving for an appointment.

The borders have been added to the scrappy baby quilts
after many fabrics were auditioned.
Sometimes the scrappy quilts are the most difficult to find border fabrics,
in my opinion.

The same fabrics were used,
but the blue border is 1" wider on this quilt.

The borders really pull out the yellows and blues of the quilts,
which makes them more unisex.

This quilt has a narrower blue border
and I think I like it better.
It's difficult to see the difference in these photos,
but the extra inch really makes the quilt seem huge.
I'll be trimming the first border down before I quilt it.

Add these to the "to be quilted pile"!

Please visit Patchwork Times to see what others are creating.

Happy Quilting!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Nine Patch Finish

Back in June I began teaching three friends to quilt.
Between vacations, work schedules and taking care
of grandchildren,
the lessons have been very sporadic.

We are nearing the end though
and should have finished quilts very soon!

This is the one I have been making as an example.

 The fabric and colors in this quilt are so calm and soothing to me.

I used straight line quilting with my walking foot 
because I had the ladies quilt theirs this way.

I love making nine patches...
no thoughts,
no pressure to match points,
just sew and relax.

 The backing was pieced with left-over fabric
and a piece from my stash.

This will go in my pile of baby quilts,
waiting for a baby.

I've delivered two baby quilts this week!
More will be delivered in the next months,
but I don't know what quilts will be needed...
boy or girl.
Either way, I'll be ready.

Happy Quilting!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Sew Together Bag #3

Don't ever make one of these bags!
I'm warning you...
if you make one, you will be making a dozen.
You will want to make one for every person you know.
Okay... maybe not the men you know,
but every woman you know.

A while ago I made two of the Sew Together Bags
and gave both of those to friends.
I wanted one for myself, though,
so pulled the fabrics and finished this last night.

The possibilities for the outside of these bags are endless.

I had wanted to try the straight line quilting with different threads
and this was the perfect project for it.
It's hard to see the different threads in the photo,
but I used a metallic thread, lime green, aqua, teal and turquoise.
(Thanks, Lara! She gave me the idea for this type of quilting.)

The inside fabrics of this one blend more than the other two I made.


Don't be intimidated by the zippers.
Here is a wonderful tutorial for making this bag.
It is loaded with photos and great directions.

I already have the fabric pulled for the next bag.
Christmas isn't too far away!

If you take the plunge,
don't say I didn't warn you!

Happy Quilting!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Fish Finish on Friday

When my daughters were younger,
on long car trips we would play the
Alphabet game.
"Hi my name is Alice and I live in Altoona and I eat artichokes."
We would go through the entire alphabet and be laughing so hard
sometimes with the names or things eaten.

Writing the title of today's post made me think of that game.
But I digress....

I have a finish this week!
There were no plans to finish this quilt this week,
but then I talked to an old friend that I had not talked with for
some time.
She is going to be a grandmother for the first time!
Her grandson is due any day now.
Her family LOVES the beach and everything about it,
so an "under the sea" quilt is perfect for the new little one.

The quilting began....

"Under the Sea"

This is a Kaleidoscope quilt design and was so fun to make with this fabric.

 This quilt is a bit large for a baby quilt,
but will make a great beach blanket.
When I started making this quilt, I had no idea who it would go to.
It was waiting for the right person and since the top had been finished
for a while, I was able to get it quilted and ready to send to the new little one.

 I could have played with these blocks all day...

 Turning them to get different designs....

and seeing what pops out with the different placements.

The good news is all of this fabric came from my stash!
I  have had the fish fabric for several years
and used almost all of it!
(yes... I bought a lot!)

In addition to a quilt finish,
I have a sock finish!!

These socks have been in the works for months!
It's good to get them finished and out of my knitting bag.

Since I finished one pair,
I had to start a new pair.
This pattern is easy and fun to knit
and it's free on Ravelry!

Check out Judy's gorgeous socks,
along with other knitting projects here.

Happy Friday!!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Dribs and Drabs...

Isn't funny how we use different terms or words 
in different parts of the country?
I was in Michigan last week visiting family
and my cousin asked if I wanted "a pop".
In NY and Virginia we call it "soda". 
I asked my aunt if she was working on anything fun
and she said "Dribs and Drabs".
I would have said "bits and pieces" or "this and that".

So today, I have dribs and drabs to show you!
There hasn't been much time for sewing these past few weeks,
but that's okay. 
It's summertime and the living is easy!

I finished sewing the filler blocks for the second scrap quilt I've been making.

I was going to make a big scrappy quilt, but I need baby quilts!

It's fun to see all of these fabrics together.

These blocks are fun to make and go together quickly!
I'm not sure what these will be yet, or how many will be made.

I'm working on a new quilt and have the background almost finished.
Two more rows will be added.

This is going to be a cathedral window quilt... the easy version!
It does take some time to get this part sewn... and a lot of fabric!
I can't wait to put the windows in though.

Have a great week and stay cool!

Bye Y'all or You guys or You-uns or Yinz or You all! 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

I'm Back...

The past week was spent driving my mother to
Michigan and back for a family reunion with her brother, sister
and various other family members.
Needless to say,
nothing has been done in the sewing and quilting department.

Yesterday, while driving home, my husband sent me this text...

It made me laugh so hard!

I am back home and playing in my hidey hole,
so the crying has stopped.
Hopefully there will be something to show soon.

Happy Day!!

Monday, August 1, 2016

Slow Sewing

The other night I had a sewing buddy in my Hidey Hole!
My oldest daughter has Down Syndrome
and usually doesn't want much to do with my quilting.
Going to quilt shops is the worst for her
and often involves some kind of a bribe.

Her piano teacher has a birthday soon 
and Doodlebug decided that she was going to make her teacher a
table runner for her birthday.
I had the perfect piece of fabric...
pretty design that would look great just quilted.

Out came the fabrics and batting,
I basted the pieces
and set Doodlebug in front of the sewing machine
with the walking foot in place and the speed on 

She had a blast quilting this runner.

The lines are not precise at all,
but she is so proud of her accomplishment,
as she should be!

I sewed the binding on and it's ready to wrap.
Her teacher will be thrilled.

I'm continuing to play with the 2 1/2" squares I cut from my scrap pile
and have a baby quilt sewn together.

This top may be done.
I haven't decided if I will add a border or not.

I started to make a large quilt,
but decided I didn't need a large quilt right now.
I need baby quilts!
There's a population explosion going on in my world right now!

After cruising Pinterest,
I made these blocks with some of the squares and HST's.

Mr. Sunshine appeared just like this after the cutting was done.
How cool is that?

Happy Quilting!