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Saturday, September 29, 2018

New project

A dear friend of our family
retired last year from a career in the banking business.
He wore a tie every day that he went to work.

After he retired, I offered to make a quilt
using some of his ties.

He delivered this duffel bag FULL of ties
a while ago.
90 ties to be exact!


It's taken a while,
but the ties are all deconstructed
and ready for pressing and playing.


I know what I want to do,
but am waiting for the interfacing to arrive.

Stay tuned!

Happy Quilting!

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Little Socks

For quite some time I have been knitting
children's socks from left-over yarn used to make
adult size socks.
One left-over ball makes one pair of little socks.

There are 19 pair of socks ready to be mailed to the
Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.
 I sent some knitted items to them a couple of years ago 
and thought this would be a great place for my little socks.

The labels have the size and the
laundering instructions on them.

In this box will go two pair of mittens I made as well.
I don't enjoy knitting mittens as much as I enjoy knitting socks.
It's odd because they are easier.
It might be the darn thumb!


One of these little socks had been finished for a long, long time...
waiting for its mate to be finished, too.


That finally happened the other night
and Doodlebug put them right on her tiny size 1 feet.

Now to begin another pile of little socks!
(I have LOTS of left-over yarn balls!)

Happy Quilting!
(And Knitting!)

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Awe Inspiring Scenery Part 2

Last week I posted some photos from the first part of my
family vacation to Yellowstone.

After leaving Yellowstone,
we drove east through Wyoming and stopped in
Cody and Sheridan, each for one night.


 While in Cody,
I visited this quilt shop I had seen
advertised in the back of a quilting magazine.

It was filled to the brim with fabrics,
notions, patterns and books.
A few things were purchased from the
very friendly staff and owner.


This was taped to the cash register in
the quilt shop.
I think this applies to me!

We could not get over the sizes of the rock formations
along the highways.
Doesn't the piece jutting out look like a face?

These deer stopped to say hello!
Well... all but one anyway.

Buffalo Bill formed the town of Cody, WY.
We didn't have time to visit the museum there,
but the town was quaint and had a western feel to it.


We were standing with the Big Horn Basin behind us,
heading up and over the mountains going east.
It was very hazy while were there and were told
it was because of the wild fires further west and north.

Once again, the landscape is totally different
and just as beautiful.


Gorgeous sky!

We stayed in Rapid City, SD for several Days and visited different
sights there.

This is the Crazy Horse Memorial.
 It has been in progress since 1948 and is being carved
on sacred land.

The statue in the front is a 1/30 scale of what the mountain memorial
will look like when finished.

There was an excellent museum at the sight, as well
as Native American dancing and talks.

Not far from the Crazy Horse Memorial is
Mount Rushmore.
It was impressive to see this in person.
While driving after leaving the park,
we saw the profile of George coming around a corner in the road.


This WONDERFUL quilt shop is in Rapid City.
Let me just say....
I could have used another couple of hours here.
There was a basement that I didn't even get to see!
The owner and staff were super friendly and so helpful.

We passed this winery on one of our travel days in SD and the name
of the wine sure caught our eyes.
In we went, had a tasting
and ordered a case!
Rhubarb wine is delicious!

The last day of our time in Rapid City was spent in the
Bad Lands National Park.
Let me just say...
I can totally understand why this area was given the name
The Bad Lands.

This land is so rugged, isolated
and fierce looking.
It was so totally different than any other land we saw
and so beautiful.

After visiting the Bad lands,
we drove to the sight of the Massacre of Wounded Knee.

This memorial is on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.
While there, we spoke with several Native Americans
who were there making and selling their crafted goods.

The Memorial is a sacred place.
Smudge pots of sage were burning to keep
evil spirits away.

On our way back to Rapid City,
we passed through a deserted "western town".
The buildings were all abandoned
and in various stages of disrepair.

I could hear the wagons and horses passing in my mind. :)

This sunset ended our trip perfectly.

Monday, September 24, 2018

On Ringo Lake Finish

It is finished!
While I am really pleased with the outcome,
the process was not that enjoyable at times.
I'm really glad "On Ringo Lake" is checked off of my list
and will be gracing a bed sometime soon.

It's a rainy, dreary day here,
so indoor photos will have to do.

This color combination is beautiful,
especially since turquoise is one of my favorite colors.


I'm not sure where this one will end up,
but it will keep someone warm this winter.


On Ringo Lake
The Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt for 2017.


I'm linking to Design Wall Monday today.

Happy Quilting!

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Almost Finished Mystery Quilt

There was a time earlier this year
when I thought this Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt
would never get finished.
I had made a mistake in measuring the borders
and had to rip both borders off,
find the error and fix it.
It took me months to get myself in the mood
to spend several hours with my seam ripper.

I ripped and ripped,
the borders were fixed
and I picked it up from my long arm quilter today.


I really like the colors in this quilt,
but the design was just too busy for me.
Those chevron blocks were not my favorite to make,
so I was determined to use them.

It's ready for binding and then can be checked off of my list.


It was quilted with a modern feather design and aqua thread.


The backing is one of my favorites...
Grunge spots!

The binding may not be done for a while,
but it will be here waiting for me.

Happy Quilting!

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Being Awed By Beautiful Sights

For the last couple of weeks
my husband, Doodlebug, middle brother, his wife and I
took our mom on a trip to a part of the country none of us
had ever visited.
Seeing this part of the country had been on her bucket list
for years and she was thrilled to finally see it.
What a trip it was!

We started in Salt Lake City, Utah
and visited the Great Salt Lake.
It was somewhere my mom had wanted to see,
so we headed to Antelope Island State Park.

It did not disappoint!

The water level recedes in the summer months
and as the snow melts and rains fall,
it fills back up. You can see how much the lake has receded here.


The colors were so different from what we see on the East Coast.

So were the animals!


This antelope ran along side the car for a bit.


We saw a lot of bison on the island.
This was a large herd on the dry lake bed.

The next day we drove from Salt Lake City, UT
to Jackson, Wy.
We took a 13 hour tour of Yellowstone
and could not get over the beauty in this park.


 Mt. Moran in the Teton Mountains just after sunrise.
The reflections in the water were just gorgeous.
It's hazy from all of the wildfires in the north west,
but the colors were still beautiful.


This canyon is what gave Yellowstone it's name.
The fur trappers came up the canyon and saw the 
yellow stone. These waterfalls, the Lower Yellowstone Falls,
are the tallest in the park.


The number of different geothermal and hydrothermal events in the park
were fascinating.  Here is a large pot of boiling mud.
It gurgled and bubbled and popped and stunk!


This is Clepsydra Geyser.
There were several areas spouting and spewing water...
very, very hot water... like 170 degrees!

This geothermal event is called Grand Prismatic Spring.
The different colors are from the different bacteria living in the spring.
Again, the water is very hot.

We were able to see Old Faithful, 
but arrived just after it started spewing.
It was impressive none the less.

The one disappointment was we didn't' see a lot of wildlife. 
This elk did not like us stopping and taking his picture at all.

Back to the Teton Mountains.
Those are glaciers at the top.


We were at Jenny Lake at the base of the Tetons at sunset and
it was gorgeous.
So quiet and peaceful.

 One day in Jackson,
We took a gondola up to the top of one of the ski mountains.
We were 10,450 feet up the mountain.
The ski runs were unbelievable. 
I'm not a skier,
but why anyone would want to go down a mountain like that
on skis is beyond me.  :)

It was very hazy, but this is the Snake River valley.


The tallest peak is the Grand Teton Peak.

We moved on from Jackson and headed east in Wyoming.
The tour will continue later.

I was able to visit a cute little quilt shop in Salt Lake City
and brought a couple of little treasures home with me.

To be continued....

Happy Day!