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Friday, August 27, 2021

Pineapple Blocks

 After finishing this quilt top the other day,
I pulled out another box with a UFO and decided to
continue working on this project.

Unfortunately, this project had just 4 blocks finished
and a few others started.
I gathered some more fabrics so there is more of a variety,
and have been working on more blocks.
This meant a trip to the quilt shop with the gift certificate
my husband gave to me for Christmas!
 These beauties were added to what I already had.
No matter how hard I try... I just can't stay away from
these colors!
I am making pineapple blocks using the Pineapple trim tool above.
It's a pretty easy process and the piecing is very accurate.
(I am not a paper piecer, but if you haven't seen  
 It's gorgeous!!)

Here is a finished block.
(I must put up a design wall somewhere!)

I made 12 blocks with the original fabrics I had and had
them on my design floor.
My husband came in and said that these blocks would make a really
nice quilt for our bed.
What a great idea!
Now I only need 109 more blocks!
(These are 9" finished blocks.)

It's going to take a while,
but it will be a fun process.

Happy Quilting!


Monday, August 23, 2021

Red, White and Blue Geese

 I know I'm not alone in this....
Why do we begin a project, get the most difficult part done
and then put it in a box and not finish it?

Before I moved, I put several quilt UFO's in project boxes
and labeled them, so I knew what was in each box.
Since my stash is still in packing boxes,
I decided to go through these project boxes and see what
I could work on from time to time.

Today's finished top was started months ago
and ended up in a pile in my old Hidey Hole.
Into a box it went.

I pulled it out the other day and all of the parts
had been made.
All that needed to be done was to sew these parts into
rows and make the rows into the quilt top.

This was a kit from Shabby Fabrics, I think.
For me the most time consuming part was making all of the 
Flying Geese and the square in a square blocks.
These were all finished and waiting in the box.

It took me two evenings to sew the rows together
and finish the quilt top.

This top will be added to my growing
"needs to be quilted" pile.
I really need to find the box with yardage and get some
quilt backs made!

I emptied one box and promptly filled it again.
Hopefully I will get another box emptied soon.

Happy Quilting!

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Pinwheel Baby Quilt

 It is so nice to have some time to sew lately.
Things will be ramping back up soon as my
mom is going to be moving out of her apartment
and into a senior living facility.
This is the year of the move, for sure!

The other night I wanted some mindless sewing.
I had made a bunch of HST's from a charm pack I had.
Other fabrics were added to brighten it up a bit
and to allow for more HST's to be made.
I was going to make a chevron quilt,
but decided to make pinwheels.
Totally mindless.

I am bad about measuring block sizes
and finished quilt sizes,
but this is a good size baby quilt.

Some of the prints have farm animals, 
farm words and farm land scenes.
It's really cute!

Now I need to find the box of yardage in my
stacks of boxes and finish this quilt.
I'm sure I have something that will work for a backing.

You can see some of the cute bunnies, words, etc. in these fabrics.
This quilt will be donated when finished.

Happy Quilting!

Monday, August 16, 2021

Three Dudes Quilt

 Before the big move, I had made all of the blocks for this quilt..
(There is a pattern and a youtube video showing how to make this pattern.)
In the midst of my move, I needed something to sew one day
and pulled these blocks out of the box.
I laid them out on my design floor and began sewing them into a top.
Well, somehow between the floor and the machine,
things were moved and switched and everything ended up into a mess.
The partially finished top went back into the box out of frustration.
Last week I decided it was time to spend some quality time with my seam ripper
and get this top finished.
I put a book on Hoopla to listen to and ripped away.

Here is the finished top.
Needless to say, I am very happy I decided to rip and
resew these blocks.
The black strips really makes these fabrics shine.

This is a tricky top in some ways because of all the bias
edges you have once the blocks are cut.
I starched the heck out of the blocks and that certainly helped.

This is not the border that pattern used, but I don't know
where all of my extra strips are from this top.
These pieces were cut from the left-overs from making the blocks
with the black corners added.
I can now check this off of my list and move on to another project
that has been in limbo land.
Last night I finished the Bucilla kit I have been working on lately.

All these need are the hangers and they are ready for a tree!

Happy Quilting and creating!

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Kristen's Tree Skirt

 My niece was married last month,
so that meant a Christmas tree skirt was needed.
for a baby quilt recently and really loved it.
I decided this would make a pretty tree skirt.

I have never made a square tree skirt before,
but I like it.
The real test will come when it's under the tree.

I had planned on doing something different with the corners,
but it didn't work as I had wanted.
By the time I realized that, I couldn't miter them.
I like the little triangles, though.

Most all of these fabrics were from my stash!
I bought the stripe for the border and one other print.

 The multicolor ferny looking print in the upper right corner
is a favorite.  I should have bought more of that!

I have decided to not add ties to this one.
Last year I realized that I don't use mine when putting
it under the tree, so that saves some time and aggravation.

Merry Christmas in August!

Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, August 4, 2021


 The summer of traveling continued last week
with a trip to Michigan.
In the last 6 weeks I've been in 17 states,
but I am finished for a while!
I am ready to get back into some kind of a routine
and get sewing regularly again.

While in Michigan, I had some time to do some handwork,
so I took along a couple of Bucilla ornament kits.
It felt really good to have some down time to work on these.

This ornament is for a friend who has a dog that looks just like this,
minus the tassels!


This ornament will be for my nephew who loves music.


This guy will find a home on someone's tree,
but I'm not sure whose yet.
There will be more of these made.
While we were in Michigan,
we found a really nice gallery shop
that represented a lot of artists.
On the counter was a big bowl of glass buttons.
My husband and I had the best time looking through this bowl
and came home with a few of the beauties.

A pattern and black linen have been ordered to make a blouse
for myself, using the 5 flashy buttons.
I'd like to make a quilted shawl and use the blue buttons,
but I need to design a pattern.
It's been a long time since I've sewn clothes for myself,
so we shall see how this goes.

Happy Quilting!