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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April's list...

We began another month yesterday!
(And it is not a joke!!)

My March "Get It Done"
list didn't have a lot of check marks,
not having my sewing machine for two weeks didn't help.

I did finish the
Blue and Brown Quilt....
yesterday.  :)

The Borders are sewn on and it's ready for quilting.

I'm not sure I can quilt this one myself...
It's larger than I thought it would be.

It's funny..... after several people commented on the
Snowballs, I now see them too, instead of the Bowties.

Last night I put the final stitches in my
Fifth Classic Santa block.

Five finished... Seven to go!

For my April To-Do list:
1. Baby quilt (carry over from March)
2. Project for my Quilt Group
3. Finish Hope and Glory
4. Continue working on Classic Santa Blocks

What is on your list?

Happy Quilting!

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