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Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday Knitting

Not much was accomplished
in the knitting area this week.

I continue to work on these socks...

Using #1 needles takes a bit longer to knit! :)
I would like to have these done by next Friday, but...

The other night I did not want to work on the socks above,
so started another pair of the Turkish Bed Socks.
I have made a few pair of these and really like how they fit.
Plus, they knit up pretty quickly.

I'm not sure I like this yarn with these socks.
I haven't used self striping yarn when I've made them before,
but I will work more on them and then decide
to rip or not to rip.

Visit Patchwork Times to see what others are knitting.

Happy Friday!


sklinn62 said...

LOVE the yarns! I knit Turkish Bed socks (one of the first things I knit) and they are too big. I want to frog and re-knit them.

Judy D in WA said...

Itty Bitty size 1 needles! Sure is a big difference between the 1s and 2s that I like to use.
My last finished socks were with that color Kroy. It's a fun yarn.

straythreads said...

beautiful yarns and thanks for the link to the footies I'll be trying those.
Have a great weekend

Dar said...

I like both of your yarns, especially the blue variegated. You are a trooper using #1 size needles. And I thought the #2s were like toothpicks the first time I held them! I just finished my first pair of socks, so I see more socks in my future. Thanks for the link to the Turkey bed socks. They look interesting too.

Judy D in AZ said...

I just purchased the pattern for the Turkish Socks-just what I have in mind for some gifts. socks. I have used Kroy yarn before for socks. They wear well and are comfy on the feet. I think you will like yours.

Teresa in Music City said...

Those Turkish Bed Socks look like fun!

Sharon said...

Love the socks. I'm not a knitter but I admire the work others do with sticks and a string :-) Great anniversary quilt you made, love the hair!! I just posted your quilt and I wanted to thank you again for the beautiful piece you made for me. I took it to my friends yesterday, she has made over 50 doll quilts, and she was so impressed. She took a photo and then emailed me later that day and told me the picture doesn't do it justice. She loved it. I'm taking it to my applique group tomorrow for show and tell and I will brag about you! Thanks again, and happy easter!