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Monday, March 31, 2014

Design Wall Monday

With a weekend of nothing but rain...
my sewing machine back at home...
I HAD to put it to use.

The Bow Tie quilt that has been on my
Design Wall is
sewn together.

I'm planning on sewing the borders on this week.

In addition to working on the Bow Tie top,
I also sewed the blocks
from the Scrappy Challenge for March

I am going to call this quilt
"Hope and Glory."

There isn't a lot of contrast with the colors I chose,
but these scraps were out and begging to be used.

I have REALLY grown to like
Purple and Green together.

Hopefully the borders will be added to this quilt
this week, too.

One of these quilts will be donated as a Silent Auction item
to an organization
that supports people with Special Needs in my community.
Which quilt would you be more likely to bid on in an auction?
(I know they aren't finished, but...)

Visit Patchwork Times to see what others are working on, too.

Happy Quilting!!


Quilt Musings said...

Congrats on a very productive weekend! I would bid on the green/purple for sure! I think you have the perfect amount of contrast :) When I hear green/purple I think of Barney ;) usually and think cannot relive that nightmare! LOL But your top is stunning! I might have to rethink this thing I have about putting the two together!

katyquilts said...

Love both of these! Especially the bow tie quilt.

Sue Daurio said...

That Bow tie quilt is awesome, and the directional prints look great. I love green and purple together, one of my favorite combinations. Can't wait to see it with the borders.

Churn Dash said...

It rained here close to the ocean too, I got a lot of sewing done. I love both of your quilts. Personally I prefer the bow tie quilts, but I think the purple and green one is more striking and would appeal to a wider audience.

Ruth said...

Love that purple and green combination - looks really good!

Libby in TN said...

The bowtie quilt glows in your photos. I think it would be more likely to attract voters/bidders; not everybody likes purple. I'm a fan of purple/green myself, having done a couple of quilts in that combo.

Margaret said...

love the purple and green combo

Sherrill said...

I love the way you arranged the backgrounds in the bowties for that additional design element. And the purple and green is gorgeous. I'd bid on either one of them, they're both so pretty!!

Dar said...

I like both of your quilts and probably the first one would appeal to most people because of color; but I would bid on the purple and green one because those are two of my favorite colors to use in quilts. Both are beautiful.