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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Ribbon Candy Finish

This weekend was rather quiet,
allowing me time to get some
overdue machine quilting done.

I have several completed tops
that are patiently waiting to be finished.

This quilt was made with
5" squares of white and
Anna Marie Horner fabrics. 
I found the pattern for the
"Pinwheels on Point"
on  the Missouri Star Quilt Company site.

I'm not sure what I will do with this one yet.
It's a good size for a baby quilt,
but may be too wild.

Plus it isn't the typical "baby" color palette.

It may end up on a table at some point.

Never the less, I love it.
It reminds me of Ribbon Candy,
hence, the name.

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Happy Quilting!!

Friday, October 9, 2015

A Little and a Big....

Finish, that is!

The Little Finish is a fun one,
but I am SOOO excited about the
BIG Finish.

First, the little one...

I bought a charm pack to make a baby quilt to be donated.
I love the bright colors and just kept the design simple.

With this quilt it was time to bust out of my
FMQing intimidation and just try something new.
I have been doodling feathers for a while now
and began quilting them in the white areas.

Don't look too closely...
they are far, far from perfect, 
or even good,
but the longest journey starts with the first stitch.
(Or something like that.)

This little quilt will go in the baby quilt box at church.

Now for my BIG finish!

In the middle of May, 2014, 
I decided to make my first sweater.
The pattern I chose to use was probably not the best one
for a beginning sweater knitter,
but I jumped in with both feet.

except for sewing the buttons in place,
my sweater is FINISHED!!

This is made with the Entrelac pattern,
which isn't the best pattern for a beginner to try.
I love the yarn... Noro Silk Garden Lite in color 2092.

This was definitely a challenge for me,
but I learned so much knitting this sweater.

I will get the buttons and sew those in place, hopefully today.

I'm so excited!
And the best thing.....
IT FITS!!!!!

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to see what others are creating.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Box of Warmth

Those who have read my blog for any length of time
know that I love to knit socks.
I have gifted socks to my family and friends
and am still knitting socks.

Last winter I read about a 
Native American reservation in
South Dakota
that is in dire need of warm clothing items,
especially for their children.

The knitting of socks continued and today
I will be mailing a box of warm socks to this reservation.

I freeze in the winter.
This is with a heated home, warm clothes
and living in Virginia.

I can't imagine how cold some of the children in
South Dakota must be... every day during the winter.

I realized that I need to knit some socks for the boys.
I love the bright colors, but boys' feet get cold, too!

Enjoy your day and send warm thoughts to those in South Dakota.

Happy Creating!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Let's Just Say....

Life is a bit
right now!
And I really hate bad head days!
They suck the energy right out of me.

But I'm good now and hope to get some
quilting done this week!

I did manage to get the latest
blocks sewn together.

I really like the colors of these blocks.
Only one more set of colored blocks and
then the background blocks get made.

Happy quilting!

Friday, October 2, 2015

First October Friday

It's been a rainy, dreary week here....
a good week for working on inside projects.
I've cleaned out some cabinets,
boxed up some books
worked in my Hidey Hole!
A few months ago I made this top with some
Anna Marie Horner fabrics.
I love the pinwheels and snowballs made from 5" squares.
This quilt top looks like ribbon candy to me.
When looking for fabric for the borders, 
I could not find what I liked and wanted to use.
The fabrics were too "Blah."

Finally I found this.

The floral piece is an Anna Marie Horner piece and pulls out
all of the colors of the pinwheels.

I love the aqua stop border. There is a lot of aqua in the blocks and
it really pulls out the bright color... my favorite!

This is one bright and happy quilt!

I also have a knitting finish!

My black and gold socks are ready for basketball season!

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what others are creating.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

September 350 Blocks Project Report

September was a busy month for
Block production here!

At the retreat I attended in the middle of the month
I made all of the blocks for this quilt.

36 Blocks finished here.

I also made five more applique blocks....

And the last four blocks with the
wool applique as the center.

To finish the month off, I have 48 blocks made for
this Polka Dots and Paisely's top.

This is a total of 93 blocks for September 
439 blocks total for 2015.

Onto October!

Happy Quilting!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Polka Dots and Paisleys

I love Polka Dots
I love Paisleys.
So when the new line from
Minick and Simpson came out...
I had to have some of the fabrics.
And to top it all off...
They are reds, whites and blues!

I ordered a Jelly Roll
and some yardage
and began to cut and sew.

This is what is now on my
Design Wall.

This pattern is in the latest edition of
"Block" by the Missouri Star Quilt Company.

It went together so quickly.
Sew four jelly roll strips together,
make 4 1/2" HST's from yardage
and stitch to each corner.

I love the pinwheels in this design.

This quilt may be given to
Quilts of Valor.
I need to check on the measurements to see if it is the right size.
These pieces are what is cut off from the corner pinwheels.
They are supposed to be used as a border,
but I haven't decided if I'm going to do that yet.
If they aren't used in the border, they will be used for something!

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Happy Quilting!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Text Top Finished

The blocks I made during my weekend retreat last weekend
are sewn together and the top is completed!
This quilt is so much fun to look at and see what the blocks are saying.

The pieces with color are making circles throughout the top.
Some of the color is subtle and blends a little into the background.

It took a while to collect all of the text fabrics and
I was able to find some fun pieces. 

Here are some of my favorites...
just happenstance... not fussy cutting.


This top is ready for quilting.
I found a pretty orange fabric for the backing and binding.

The seventh block of my applique quilt is finished.
This block has a lot going on in it
and it's not my favorite.

This block will be added to these...
only five more to go!

Happy Friday!
Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Retreat Experience

This past weekend, I attended my first
Quilting Retreat
in Sherman, NY.
I met two of my quilting friends from upstate NY.
We meet somewhere once a year and spend a weekend
laughing, chatting, stitching and exploring.

This was the first quilt retreat for all of us.

Needle in the Haystack is located in an
old dairy barn in the country.
Judy and Jeff, the owners of the business,
have turned this old barn into a lovely retreat space.
The barn is surrounded by beautiful flowers and
has gorgeous views of the sunset.

Judy and Jeff own a quilt shop in Erie, PA and then
have a fabric outlet here at the retreat center.
The fabric was $7/yard or less.

There were three different groups of quilters there for the weekend... 
making 21 total.
The retreat space was great.
We each had our own sturdy table with a light and comfortable chair.
There were ironing stations throughout the room and one big cutting table.
It would have been nice to have one more cutting station
and a design wall, but every available space was used.

The sleeping arrangments were different...
Most of us had to share a room with several other people.
The rooms were comfortable, though,
and the food was delicious.
Breakfast and lunch were provided.

There were quilts everywhere!
On the walls, on the backs of chairs, on the beds,
on the deck railings, in piles on shelves....
everywhere we looked there was quilting inspiration.

While I enjoyed the retreat,
I learned that this is not my thing.
Maybe I would feel differently if I had been with more people that I knew,
but I'm not sure I would go on another "sleep over" weekend retreat.
There are some hardcore retreat quilters out there!
One woman finished three tops,
having stayed up until 3 or 4 in the morning sewing!

It was a beautiful place and I did get a lot done,
but the best part was being with my two friends.

Happy Quilting!