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Friday, December 9, 2016

Socks and Such

It's been a while since I have shown
my socks that I continue to knit.
My knitting is rather boring.
I knit pretty much the same thing over and over
with different yarn.
Every now and then I'll change the pattern a bit,
but it's still a sock.
Doing this is mindless, easy and portable.
Plus, they are so functional!!

The second sock of this pair needs to be made,
but I got a little bored with this yarn.
Not my favorite at all.

I love, love, love this yarn.
It's "Socks that Rock" and is so nice to knit.
These socks will be warm!

I've cast on another pair with another "Socks that Rock" yarn.
The stripes and colors in this yarn are very patriotic.

There is another single sock around here somewhere, waiting for a mate to be made.
It's probably in a bag somewhere. :)


Yesterday my new quilt group met and we made this little paper-pieced tree.
It was an adventure since some of the group hadn't paper-pieced before,
but the trees all turned out so cute!

Paper piecing is not my favorite thing to do by any means,
but these little projects are fun.
I'll probably turn this into a pot holder.


Last night I went to a friends house to make this decoration that we've
been wanting to make for a while.
We finally had all of our vintage ornaments gathered,
the boards were cut and painted
and the canning jar rings were purchased.

I just love this!
This year I have been really drawn to the vintage decorations
for some reason.

Now if I can just get my house decorated!

I am linking to Patchwork Times and WhoopWhoop (sidebar) today.

Happy Creating!


Needled Mom said...

I always enjoy seeing your socks. I can just imagine how good they feel on the feet too.

That's such a cute little tree. It will make a great Christmas potholder, but I'd hate to soil it.

LOVE the ornament tree. That is very clever.

Frieda said...

Love your socks and pot holder. The ornament tree is beautiful! Do you glue the rings to the ornaments? I have a bunch of vintage balls and this would be perfect to use some of them.

straythreads said...

great socks!! great yarns love the little tree and the vintage

Anonymous said...

What great projects! And I totally love the vintage ornament decoration. I may have to try that - I have similar ornaments and they seldom fit on the tree since I got a thinner tree - this would be a great way to display them.

Dar said...

Your socks are totally great! I like all the colors and don't think they look boring at all. I love to knit socks of any color because they feel so good when you are wearing them. I too want to know where you got the instructions for making the vintage ornament tree. I have my mother's ornament when she passed, and that would be a wonderful project for using them.

Vicki in MN said...

Great Christmas project. Also love your tree and socks! Sewing day with friend today for me. Hoping the snow starts after I get home.

kupton52 said...

Your socks are always so beautiful...you really have a wonderful eye for picking beautiful yarn. This entire post is positively wonderful..I have never tried paper-piecing...I find it truly intimidating...but that little tree block is adorable. I'm ready to dig out my old glass ornaments to re-create (err...I mean "copy"...lol) that cute ornament tree. Keep up the good work...every post is so inspirational! Merry Christmas....my DH just had back surgery so I've been away from the computer....