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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Two Kits in February!

This year I set a goal for myself to finish one
Bucilla felt kit per month.
(I had 14 kits in my closet at the beginning of the year!)

this month I finished two!
This stocking is the second kit
and went together so quickly.
I love it!

Santa is kicked back,
watching a football game
after a busy season.

This one is going to a family friend
who is a huge Vikings fan.

I'll make the quilted stocking that this will be attached to and
call it done.
Onto the next kit!

I've been busy sewing some blocks together for another baby quilt, too.

Sets of three strips need to be sewn together
and then these blocks will be added to the strip sets.

This baby quilt is obviously for a girl.
These prints are so soft and feminine.

Another jelly roll used and out of my stash.

Happy Quilting!


Charlene S said...

Your quilt is adorable. Santa really looks like he is into that game.

Rhonda said...

I got a chuckle when I saw Santa in his easy chair. That is too cute. And what a precious baby quilt you're working on. Love those colors.

Monica said...

Well, you can come and finish my Bucilla kits when you are done with yours! Two or three years ago I said the same thing, that I would do one per month starting in July (just 5) so they would be done for Christmas. Did I? I think the problem was that I made the start date too far away.

Are you sewing the felt to the front of a quilted base? That is a good idea! Anyway, congratulations!

straythreads said...

congrats on the finishes!! love the baby quilts
have a great week

Churn Dash said...

The baby quilt is so soft and yummy looking.

Funny to see a football santa, good job on finishing a couple this month.