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Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday Fun

Right now I have lots of little things going on in my Hidey Hole.
Sometimes I just need to do a little of this and a little of that
and hop from project to project.
Nothing NEEDS to be made or finished,
so I can putter to my hearts content.

First of all,
I started another baby quilt from another jelly roll.
(I am going to use the jelly rolls I have and, 
hopefully, never buy another one.)

These fabrics scream little girl and are so soft and pretty.

I have to make 27 of these blocks and then add strips to make the quilt.
This one will be donated to my church
for our baby quilt ministry.
(After looking at the photo I may have to take the pink striped block
apart and sew it like the green striped block. My eye goes straight to the
uneven stripes.)

As I have mentioned before, I belong to a 
History of Quilting Club that meets once a month.
Each session our leader gives us a project to make
that goes along with the book we are using.
She changed things up this session...
no book and
we are making a mystery quilt!
It will be a short mystery as we are making two different blocks
for this quilt.

The first block is the ShooFly block,
which we can make from any fabrics in our stash.

I had to pull batiks out for this one...
in my favorite colors... turquoise and aqua and greens.

Thirteen blocks are finished and ready for block #2.

Yesterday my brother and sister in law, who gave me the boxes of colored jeans
from which I made this quilt, came down for a visit.
One thing I had saved from the cut up jeans was all of the back pockets.
I wanted to do something with them to give to my 
sister in law.
Thank goodness for Pinterest!

I had some hemp cording and a sharp tapestry needle and
started connecting the pockets into a garland.

I was in a rush to get this made to take to her last night,
so didn't get too creative with the photography,
but you get the idea.


When I cut the pockets off of the jeans,
I left the fabric on the back so they are still pockets.
Won't this be cute filled with little treats or decorations?
My sister in law will have it hanging somewhere in her home
and it will be adorable once she puts her touch on it.

Have a great Weekend
Happy Quilting!


Vicki in MN said...

Love your little jelly roll quilt, so bright and fun, I agree take the pink one apart and make like the green. And your shoo fly oh so yummy, love those colors!

straythreads said...

what fun quilts and cheerful spring colors. Hope your days are feeling like spring

Anonymous said...

Your jelly roll quilt is darling, ad what a great thing to do by donating it to a ministry. Your batiks make me want to sew one of my own. I had a grand beach vacation over Christmas and would love to remember it with colors like that.