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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Half Sewn and Socks

Earlier today I finished sewing the blocks for this
Red and Pink 16 patch quilt I am making.
I arranged them on my Design Wall and took a 
black and white photo of the arrangement.
This one block REALLY stood out, 
so it was removed.

There wasn't enough contrast between the two fabrics...
it was just too dark.

Here are the results:

I've often thought about how quilting allows for colors and patterns to be 
placed together that wouldn't ordinarily go together.
Can you imagine wearing some of these fabrics in the same outfit?
They play so nicely in the quilt, though.

I am pleased with how this is coming along.

Tonight I sewed half of the blocks together.
The blocks are 6" finished, so the top will be 48" square.

I thought about placing them on point, 
but I love the simplicity of the straight set blocks.
An applique border is coming to mind,
but I may just quilt it and bind it.

This week I have Knitting to show!
I was on a bus trip and had time to finish these 
orange socks I started a while ago.

This is "Fable" yarn from Nordicmart.
It knits up nicely and feels very soft.
I started a green pair, too.

Doesn't this yarn scream spring?
I am so ready!

Happy Quilting and Knitting!


Needled Mom said...

I like both pair of socks!! Great colors.

The red and pink blocks look terrific. I'd love to see the one you removed. Growing up my mom always used to say that you should never wear pink and red together. lol

Libby in TN said...

Or that redheads should never wear pink. It's always intriguing how variegated yarns work up. Your new pair definitely say SPRING! I'm so ready, too.

Sandra Walker said...

Something I have still to do is knit socks. Gloves, mitts, hats, sweaters, toys, Barbie doll clothes...but never socks. Love the yarns you are using! And that quilt!! "how the colours play together" yep yep. Love it. Need to do one. More squirrels...

sklinn62 said...

Love those yarns! Such pretty colors

Beth Croswell said...

I love those green socks! Spring can't come soon enough

straythreads said...

great socks and the green do look like spring!!! love the red quilt blocks. I think the prints from decades ago were so much more fun. Now garments are mostly solids and rather boring. I miss the fun funky prints of my teens.
have a great weekend

Sharon Massena said...

I love both pair of socks. Though spring can't come soon enough, my first choice is the orange pair, maybe to keep me going til spring comes.

Sarah Craig said...

Your quilt is going to be lovely, and those socks are awesome! Whoop whoop!!