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Thursday, May 1, 2014

All Bound Up...

Back in the beginning of March
announced his plan to make quilts for
Quilts of Valor.

He blogged about his plan
and shared the block he was asking
quilters to make.


as of the end of April,
3,161 blocks,
enough for 105 quilts!!
(He had hoped to have enough blocks for three or so quilts!)

I decided to ask Kevin about making binding for his quilts.
He responded almost immediately to my email
and the cutting began.

So far I have made binding for eight quilts.

What a gift these quilts will be for our
brave men and women who serve our country.

Thank you, Kevin!

Quilters are AWESOME!!

Happy Quilting.


Libby in TN said...

That's a very important contribution. I sent him fabric for binding, but never thought to go ahead and make the binding for him. Doh!

Susan said...

What a kind thing for you to do........... Not to mention that Kevin has received such a wonderful response from so many others............Just proves that many hands make light work.........

Beth Croswell said...

And thank you Ramona, for your contribution also. Binding can often times be a pain. You are an amazing woman and an inspiration to many!

Teresa in Music City said...

Great job Ramona, and so very thoughtful!!!! I know Kevin and his helpers will be delighted to receive these :)

Cathy said...

How wonderful of you. Hugs