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Friday, May 16, 2014

Rainy Friday Knitting

This week provided a little more time for knitting
I was able to finish another pair of the

These I gifted to my sister.

I love this yarn,
But I don't know if I can find any more.
It came from the clearance bin from either
Michael's or Joann's.

this week I made a decision!
I am Making a Sweater!

Here is the one I decided on:

It's Go Big or Go Home!
A knitting friend made this sweater and it is
She has offered to help if (when!!) I need it,
and I'm sure I will!

Here is my progress so far.

I'm using Noro yarn and found it on sale!

Visit Patchwork Times to see what others are knitting today.

Happy Friday!


Judy D in WA said...

The Turkish Bed Socks are so fun! But that sweater! OH MY is it going to be gorgeous!!! Go big or go home had me almost spitting out my coffee. :) I cannot wait to see your progress on this. Hope all goes smooth for you-I'm sure it will.

Michelle said...

That is going to be awesome when done. Can't wait to see it finished.

straythreads said...

adorable socks!! the sweater is going to be GORGEOUS!!!!

Teresa in Music City said...

I came over yesterday to see what you were up to and got totally distracted by that sweater! By the time I had looked up the pattern and dreamed about all the different yarns it would look great made up in, I forgot to come back and comment LOL!!! Love your slippers - and thanks for the inspiration :*)