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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Looking back....

....on the quilt I made for my 
Oldest Daughter's bed...

This quilt was a 
Especially since I was new to quilting and...
what did I know??

The butterflies are Stack-N-Whack
The wing pieces are mirrored...
Meaning the back of the fabric had to show the design
almost as much as the front because the mirrored piece
was cut with the back as the right side.

You can see the slightly "faded" pieces that are
"upside down" shall we say?

The butterflies are made from a 
Hoffman print... I do remember that.

The border shows the whole fabric.

My Long Arm quilter did an
AMAZING job on this one, 
but it's hard to see her work on the fabric in a photo.

I can't remember the pattern name or the book from which it came.

Happy Quilting!

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