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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Family's stockings...

Since I mentioned that I made
stockings for my family
in the last post, I'll show 
them to you today.

I know...
Christmas is Five months away.
But... it will be here before we know it!

This Patchwork Santa is my stocking.
I love the quilted coat he is wearing
and all of the things in his bag
can come out!

This is my older daughters stocking.
She plays the piano and loves music.

My husband is a golfer, so
Golfing Santa is his.

My younger daughter would live
on the beach.  Therefore...

One big change I made with these stockings
is to not use the felt backing that came with the kit.
I purchased fabric and made a complete
stocking, quilted and lined, and then
sewed the front stocking piece to the
quilted stocking.  I used the felt back piece as a pattern
for the stocking. They are much
sturdier this way.

Again, they are so much fun to make!


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