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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Some knitting....

I have been doing some knitting
here and there...
and have finished a few

Knitting is so portable and the
one thing
I can do in the car.

Here are three shawls
I have finished.
None of them are blocked yet...
...something I have not done before!
(I've only knitted socks and washcloths before now.)
BUT I will learn how to block soon!


This shawl is called
3 S 
and was an easy pattern. 

 These two shawls are called
and were easy to make as well.
This is a good travel project because it 
requires very little counting 
or keeping track of where you are.
My kind of pattern!

And, NO...
your eyes are not deceiving you!
I didn't realize I had two different colors
of Sausalito yarn
until I was well into the second skein.
The difference isn't as noticable in person
It SURE is in these pictures!
Oh well..
It's for me.

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