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Saturday, August 24, 2013

A mini from left over....

.....half square triangles.
I had HST's left over from making 
and put them together to make a 

Here it is, waiting for borders.

One thing I do when I am sewing rows of blocks together
to help keep the blocks in the right order,
is I leave the pieces joined after chain stitching each row.
I don't cut the blocks apart after I've sewn one row.

I just keep adding the next row of blocks or pieces
to the previous row
until the section or top is complete. 

All of the rows are joined at this point.
Now I will go back and sew the vertical row seams.
I do pin each intersection at this point.

The rows are all sewn, but not pressed.
Doing this helps me to keep things in the right order.
Plus, it also helps line the seams up easier. The stitching keeps the
blocks or pieces from moving too much.

With this mini, it is easy to use this method of joining the blocks.
It does become cumbersome with a big quilt top, 
but I think it does save time and keeps things

Happy Quilting!

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