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Thursday, November 6, 2014


...A Christmas Gift....

VCU Basketball!
(Virginia Commonwealth University)
Especially my oldest daughter.
She has Down Syndrome and has
been totally accepted by the coaches, players
and the athletic department staff.
According to the coach,
she is VCU's number 1 fan.

she is finally willing to give up some of her
VCU t-shirts
and I am planning a
T-shirt quilt for her for Christmas.

This is what I have so far.
I'm going to stitch the jerseys to cotton fabric and cut them into blocks.

I will use these batiks in between the t-shirt blocks.

I read a book about making t-shirt quilts using graph paper.

I have to find one more t-shirt to fill the
lower right corner.

I cut the t-shirts in rectangles measured to the inch.
(This was actually a little difficult to do and not cut off 
some of the design or not involve the neck or shoulder.)

Each inch of the block is represented by a square on the graph paper.
I placed the t-shirt blocks on the graph paper and then
filled in with blocks that will be made from the batik fabrics.
This method should make the assembly much easier,
since I will know what size the batik pieces need to be cut.
(Is this as clear as mud??)

We shall see how this process works!
Hopefully I will have the quilt top finished by Christmas!

Happy Quilting!


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Teresa in Music City said...

Oh Ramona - she will love this quilt!!!! I haven't made one of these yet, but I'm sure with 8 grandchildren, there will be one in my future someday :*) I love the idea of graphing the layout on graph paper - genius!