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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Let's Make Ornaments!

Yesterday I finished up another batch of ornaments for
my church's Bazaar and thought I would share
making these ornaments with you.

These go together so quickly!

I started with two 6" squares of fabric, right sides together
 and a 5 1/2" circle.

Trace the circle onto one square.

Stitch on the traced line all around the circle.
Make a slit in the fabric you want as the "petals" on the top of the
ornament, going about 1/2" from the edge toward the center.
I made my slits about 2" long.

Turn inside out through the slit.
I used a knitting needle to push the edges of the circle out.

Press the circle flat.

Fold the circle in half, making sure the slit is 
along this fold.
Mark fold line with pins.

Open up the circle and fold in half again
so the pins come together at the top.
Place pins in this fold.

Open up circle, leaving pins in the circle.

Fold the edges in to meet at the pins and secure with more pins.
(The slit is on the bottom circle at this point.)

All of the "petals" are folded and pinned.

Next, fold the square in half and in half again and press.
(I forgot to take photos of this step while making the ornaments.)

This will give you and "x" in the middle for the next step.

Turn the square over and fold the points back to the middle,
placing the tip in center of the square at the "x" you ironed into the square.
(You can see the slit in the section that has not been folded back.)

Once all sides are folded back and pinned,
hand stitch the points together to secure.
Do not stitch through to the back.

Add a button in the center and the hanger 

These go together so quickly,
are great use of scraps 
and are so cute!


The finished size is about 2 3/4" square.

This is what the back of the ornament looks like.

Have fun with these
Happy Quilting!

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Podunk Pretties said...

Well aren't those cute and easy! I made need to make a few for my pitiful little Charlie Brown tree. Thanks!