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Monday, February 17, 2014

Design Wall Monday

This week I have two projects that I am
playing with on my
Design Wall.

The first is the
Purple and Green
Edyta Sitar's "Garden Path" Quilt.

Last week this is what I had on my design wall.

After living with this for a few days,
I decided I did not like the purple 6 1/2" squares.
They were too dark.

I switched them out with this fabric...

This purple fabric plays better with the
other purples in the blocks
I find myself looking at the overall quilt
instead of the big purple squares.
The greens pop more, too, with this purple.

I have a few more HST blocks to trim and sew together
into the "arrow" blocks and then I can begin sewing
the top together.
It's coming along!

(After looking at these photos,
I realize that I have to flip the HST blocks...
the "arrows" are going in the wrong direction!)

The other project I am working on is one that
I've had in my head for a while....
a dangerous place to be!

While I had my Kaffe fabrics out for another project,
I started picking fabrics for some Dresden Plates.

I'm not sure where this will end up,
but it's fun to play with the colors and fabrics.

Visit Patchwork Times to see what others are creating.

Happy Quilting!


katyquilts said...

Love that purple and green quilt! And I don't usually care for purple but this I love!

Libby Smith said...

I agree with your choice of the lighter purple for just the reasons you stated. But I kinda like the "arrows" going away from the 9Ps. Maybe you could do some of each ....

momajo said...

I like the intensity of the dark purple, but its a large size block to be sort of dead. The pattern in it is stopping your eye as a flat spot. In the lighter purple there is something there, so your eye skims and moves on.

Marly said...

I agree with you about the lighter purple; I think you made a wise decision. Your Dresden Plates are fun; maybe we'll see them again soon in a wider context.

Podunk Pretties said...

Isn't amazing how you can look at a quilt all day on the wall and it looks great. Then take a picture and OH NO! What would we do with out cameras? Agree that the color change made a big difference in how I see the quilt.

Sue Daurio said...

This is the second green and purple quilt I've seen today. I just gotta half one. Love your colors. And those dresden plates are just what's needed on this snowy day, what a nice burst of sunshine!

Nell's Quilts said...

Love the Dresden Plates. Kaffe Fassett fabrics are so much fun to work with. The colours are so intense and the pattern so dynamic. I think you made a good choice in changing out the purples. Softer allows for your eye to travel over the quilt rather than stay stuck on the dark squares.

Jennifer said...

I really like the switch you did with the purples - it makes the greens pop much more. The Kaffe dresdens look interesting too.

Julie in GA said...

Your Dresden Plates are gorgeous! I agree that the lighter purple is a better choice in the first quilt.

Dar said...

Your lighter purple does agree with my eyes better too. I do like purple and green together as evidence by several I've made over the years. Those Dresden Plates are bright and beautiful. Should be a fun quilt to work on.