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Friday, February 28, 2014



On Knitting Needles Friday I have a
New Friend
to show you!

I finished my Sock Monkey 
and am pretty pleased with her.

The pattern called for some weird looking hair that I didn't like,
so I put a hat on her in place of the hair.
I need to come up with something else in the future to replace
the pattern's hair for the Lady Monkeys.

How about those lips??
I do need some more practice with 
the Eyes and Nose.
Are there any tricks to embroidering these on a
stuffed animal?

This was a fun project!
Here is the pattern book I bought at Michael's,
if you are interested.

The red on top of the female monkey is the hair!
The Mohawk on the male monkey is a hoot.

I did start another pair of socks this week.

Of all the socks I've made,
These are my least favorite.
The colors don't do a lot for me,
but I will keep going.
The yarn is super soft!

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Happy Friday!


Judy S. said...

What a cute monkey! Who's the lucky recipient? Those look like perfect winter socks to me......

Melinda said...

She looks great. I am definitely going to find the book to make one.