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Friday, February 21, 2014

Knitting Needles Friday

This week I have a finished project,
a "I'm bored with this so I'm putting it down for a bit" project
and an "odd looking at the moment" project.

First, the Hermione Everyday Socks are Done!

I made these for myself and they fit,
but the socks look so short in this picture.
I don't have huge feet, but not tiny feet either.

These socks are the ones I'm bored with right now.

All I have to do is add the
Afterthought Heels and I'll be finished.
(Maybe this is a good reason NOT to use the Afterthought heel??)
Hopefully I'll force myself to get them finished...

The Odd looking project is this:

A Sock Monkey!!

My "knitted pantyhose"
(a comment from a couple of weeks ago)
have progressed to a completed body...
without a face....
armless...but not for long.
The second arm is about half finished.
This will be a "Lady Monkey"...
Hence, the ruffle around her neck.

This Sock Monkey is knitting up very quickly with the 
wool yarn and the larger needles.
So much fun!!

Visit Patchwork Times to see what others are knitting!

Happy Friday!


straythreads said...

Nice finish on the socks and I love the orange yarn Love the monkey!

Melinda said...

My DH has a sock monkey collection - what pattern are you using for your? She is going to be great.

Beth said...

Love the socks. And can't wait to see the monkey.

Dar said...

On your first picture I was thinking what tiny feet you have!! They sure do look short. Your 2nd pair look like they are tube sock and pretty much finished. I've never heard of an afterthought heel. Will have to look that up. Your sock monkey is really cute. You have done well this week.

Judy S. said...

Love your projects! Can't wait to see the finished monkey.

Sue Daurio said...

Love your socks!