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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Something new...

I am often looking for ways to make
quilting easier or faster
and this is one reason why 
I enjoy reading blogs.
There are some GREAT ideas out there in blogland!!

The other day I read about this
cutting technique for HST's on a blog.
(I'm sorry, but I don't remember the blog
from which I read this.)

First, I am a trimmer...
I make my HST's larger than are needed
and then trim them to size.
Things are much more accurate this way for me.

I line the angle on the ruler up on the seam and trim, trim,
 turn, line up again, trim and trim.
And in the process I hope the ruler doesn't move, giving me an uneven cut.

This method is what I found the other day..

Before pressing the HST open, 
line the ruler up by placing the line for the size HST you want
on the seam line of the triangle.
(The 2 12" line is on the seam of the triangle.)

Trim up one side.

Trim the other side,
press open, trim the dog ears and you are done!

How much easier is that??

I happen to find this Quilt in a Day ruler that can be used for 
1/2" and 1" measurements, but if I want a triangle in smaller measurements,
I'll have to get another ruler.
(I have no idea why I bought this ruler, but it came in handy!)

A bunch of HST's are trimmed and ready to be sewn into blocks.

All of the blocks are sewn together for this quilt now...
Lickety Split!
(Well.... maybe not too Lickety Split, but faster!)

Have a great day and Happy Quilting!!

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