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Sunday, January 16, 2022

My Hidey Hole is Finished!

 I moved into my house back in April
and left a wonderful sewing room/office behind.
We were downsizing and that meant my sewing room
had to be smaller, too.

Well, there were several things needed in my new sewing room.
(Years ago my daughters started calling my sewing room
my Hidey Hole, and that's what it's been called since.)

The first thing my new hidey hole needed was a wall.
The room was probably an office for the previous owners
and was totally open to the front hall except for two huge pillars.
That would not work for my hidey hole!
The second thing my new room needed was cabinets and a cutting table.
Finally in December, the work was done.
The cabinets were installed and the wall was built with two pocket doors.
Since then I have been unpacking, organizing and getting the room
set up and ready to use.
This morning I did the last thing I wanted to do.... hung the peg boards.
At first I was very hesitant about downsizing so much,
but I am thrilled with how the room came together.
One thing that will have to happen is I will need to keep it neat
and organized.  NOT my strong suit!
Anyway.... my Hidey Hole!!
I am so fortunate and thankful to have a room
dedicated to my sewing.
There was a time when the dining room table was my sewing space.

 Having my rulers out and easily accessible will be wonderful.
In my old house, my design wall was flannel covered insulation boards,
screwed to the wall.   I really like those, but over time the flannel
stretched and I couldn't easily remove the boards to replace it.
posted the design wall she uses and how she hung it.
I decided to give her method a try.

These two windows give the room a lot of natural light.
There are recessed lights for night time sewing.
The one challenge is there isn't really room for an
ironing board.  I bought a larger wool ironing mat
and will use the ironing board in the hallway when I
need something larger.

In my old hidey hole, I didn't have much wall space at all
and had nowhere to hang my little quilts.
I've started to hang them up and love how they brighten the room.
A friend made the magnetic board for my birthday last year. :)

The creative juices are bursting now that my room is finished.
It will be fun to see what is created in here.
Happy Quilting!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

It looks really nice - where did you get the grid design wall? I have flannel to insulation boards and are screwed into the wall the flannel has not sagged I also have a board at the top and bottom that helps to hold it in place but I am forever laying things out crooked. Love your cupboard wall

Rebecca Grace said...

Your new Hidey Hole is gorgeous, Ramona! I love your center island and that wall of fabulous cabinet storage. Congratulations and Happy Quilting in your new digs!

Katy Sweigart said...

This is simply beautiful! I’m so happy for you. The cabinetry is amazing. Have fun!

Libby in TN said...

Perfect! Love your cabinets. I hang my design walls in a similar manner on the front of my Murphy bed. I had the bed designed with a solid wood front and turned the bookcases to the side which added more flat surface for design walls. We'll be expecting lots of good things coming out of the Hole.

straythreads said...

Beautiful and so practical all those cabinets oooh the things you will sew

Annie said...

I love your fabulous hidey hole! Such a beautiful space to sew in!

Needled Mom said...

Thank you for the grand tour! I love your new Hidey Hole. The storage units are gorgeous and makes everything look so tidy. LOVE the pegboard for your rulers too. The one thing I really miss is a design wall. Yours are so nice and well thought out. Have fun playing!

Vicki in MN said...

The moment we have all been waiting for has arrived!! It turned out just fantastic, I still am jealous of all those white cabinets, LOL

Sara said...

Your new Hidey Hole is awesome. I'm envious of the cabinets and the good natural light. I have lots of space in mine, but natural light is limited as it's in the basement. And we've never made the investment of nice cabinets. I think having a nice space will boost your creativity even more!

Vicki W said...

What a great space!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Your Hidey Hole looks well planned and organized; you'll love working in this light, bright space. Congratulations on your move and seeing this vision through, it's completely wonderful!