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Monday, May 29, 2017

Happy Memorial Day

Stop and remember those who have sacrificed so much for our freedom.


It's a rainy, dreary day here today...
Not a good day for a picnic.
I guess I'll have to do a little quilting instead.

The other day I finished sewing the top of the latest baby quilt together.
The edges need to be trimmed and then it will be ready for quilting.

When I posted photos of this the other day,
people commented on how "beachy" it looks.
I have to agree.
It reminds me of sea glass.

 This one will be for a new Great Nephew who will be born in August.
It's hard for me to find fabrics I like for boy quilts,
but this one fits the bill!

For the past couple of months
I've been working on getting my Piles
of started projects finished.
It's gone pretty well and I have just a couple left to finish.
Now, I'm going to begin working on kits and quilts
for which I have purchased fabric but not yet started.

This is a kit I ordered last year,
made with Anna Maria Horner fabrics.
I cut and cut and sewed and sewed
and began trimming HST's over the weekend.

The kit description said this is a "Weekend" project.
I guess the question is... how many weekends?
I am a fast quilter and there is no way I could make this in a weekend.
It isn't a race, though, and it will be done in it's time.

Today I'm linking to Design Wall Monday at

Happy Quilting!


Needled Mom said...

Your "sea glass" top is really pretty and that "weekends" fabric is gorgeous!! I can't wait to see what you do with them.

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Ramona,
I agree with your description of sea glass - that is exactly what those colors remind me of, too. Cannot wait to see your quilt kit completed - love the colors and fabrics! ~smile~

Rebecca Grace said...

Hmmph. If someone wants a "weekend quilt" or a "quilt in a day," they can get one at Bed Bath & Beyond or Pottery Barn! I'm more of a "quilt in a year," "Quilt of the Decade" kind of gal myself! I love your baby quilt, too. Beautiful bright colors, so soothing. Lucky little grand nephew!

Robin said...

The baby quilt is really striking. I'd love to decorate in those colors.
I need to get motivated, like you, and cut out some of the projects I have purchased fabric for. Once things are cut out - it's easy to find some sewing time.

Sara said...

"Beachy" is just the perfect description. Very pretty! You are showing some real discipline in working through those projects. I've been trying to do that too, but haven't made a big enough dent in my UFOs to date. Really that just means there are way too many of them.

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Lots happening over at yours then! Great to move a few WiP's along towards the "finish line."
I'm wondering what 'weekend' quilt you are making then?
Very cute 'beachy' quilt too!

Preeti said...

Your quilt is breathtakingly beautiful. A very lucky baby boy indeed.
Quilt in a weekend reminds me of a ad campaign/slogan I had seen - Learn swimming in 24 hours. Of course, it really took a month of lessons adding up to the 24 hours :-)
I look forward to your next project - however long that may take.

Kristin said...

Absolutely love the polka dots! These colors are so.much.fun!! Even though I've done three of these quilts, I might need to make another with fun polka dots! =)