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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Circle of Geese Finish

Recently I was looking for something in a cabinet
and found two projects that I had totally forgotten about starting.
One was this Circle of Geese paper pieced little quilt.

I guess at one point I thought about making a whole quilt with these blocks
and then I remembered....
I really do not enjoy paper piecing.

One Circle of Geese block was made,
put in the cabinet
and forgotten.

It is now a finished little mini quilt.

This little quilt was a fun one to quilt
and took no time at all.

I couldn't decide on the binding fabric
and then remembered I had a black fabric with a little white 
that I had used in another quilt.

It's unfortunate that I dislike paper piecing so much....
I really like this design!


The back looks so cool!

Another little thing is finished and out of my Hidey Hole.

While working with the tumblers
I found a pile of 2 1/2" squares I had cut from Kaffe fabrics.
I also found some scraps of the polka dots.
The Go! Cutter came back out and more 2 1/2" squares were cut.
This is what came of it, but more are needed.
I have a lot more of the color squares, but need to cut more polka dots.


I'm not sure where this is headed,
but another pile will be used!


Oh, I just love these fabrics and colors!

Happy Quilting!


Libby in TN said...

You're a finishing mad woman these days! Great use of Kaffe (and kaffe-like) fabrics. Several gals in our modern guild have made the circle of geese. I have a set of the papers but, like you, I'm not a fan of PP.

kupton52 said...

I am NOT a fan of paper-piecing...I guess I just haven't done it enough to tolerate it very well. It seems so counter-intuitive to me but I love your little geese. Great finishes. I am anxious to hear about your excursion into longarm quilting. It's a hoot, isn't it? I hope the storms we're having today pass you by. Blessings from a rainy southeastern WV.

Julie said...

I adore paper piecing! The circle of geese mini is fabulous in Kaffe fabrics. I have a stack of 9 patches with polka dots and Kaffe fabrics, I need to get them to get them out again.

Vicki in MN said...

I kinda have a love hate relationship with PPing, I like doing it, but hate ripping the paper. Your geese turned out super sweet! Keep 'em coming!

Rebecca Grace said...

I love FPP and I love my little GO! Baby cutter, but I'm wishing I got the bigger one now. An 8" clamshell would be perfect for showing off my Kaffe Fassett and Tula Pink Tabby Road fabrics, but only the 4" clam shell die will work in the Baby machine. :-(

Your geese look adorable. If you hate paper piecing so much, you must be a lot more adept at traditional piecing than I am. I'd rather rip off foundation patterns than rip out my stitches over and over again until I get my points right!

Debbie said...

Oh so cute! Can't go wrong with Kaffe.

straythreads said...

Beautiful you have just been a finishing machine lately!!!!hope you get to relax this weekend and have a good one