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Thursday, June 26, 2014

The 8 to 12 Waiting Game...

I had a repair man coming to the house this morning...
"He will be there between 8 and 12."
Don't you just hate that?

Since I had to be able to hear the doorbell,
I worked some in my hidey hole.
Thankfully the sewing machine doesn't drown out 
the door bell like the 
vacuum cleaner does!
Darn! I couldn't vacuum!!

Here is what I was able to get done.....

I finished machine quilting these two little
Table Toppers.

Plus I made the binding
and sewed that onto the toppers.

I also finished quilting this
Table Runner.

The other day I found this quilting stitch
on a blog I was reading.
(SO sorry... can't remember which one!)
It's #4 stitch on my Bernina,
stitch length set at 3.0
and zigzag set at 5.5.
It is the cutest little stitch!

It will be nice to get some of these little things
finished and checked off of my list!

Hope you had a great day today!

Happy Quilting.

1 comment:

Libby in TN said...

Wish I had a Bernina just for those special stitches.