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Friday, June 13, 2014

More of the Same

As much as I am enjoying
knitting this sweater,
the blog posts are not very exciting!

They will show my progress, though,
and I hope I continue making progress!

I am knitting the right front panel for my sweater and am
almost finished!

Three more rows to do and then
I create the arm hole.
Hopefully it won't be too complicated!

These colors aren't true...
it's overcast here today, so I had to use the flash.

Here is the back showing the true colors of the Noro  yarn.

And this is the pattern I am using.

I do have a pair of socks going, too,
for those times when mindless knitting is needed!


The toe needs to be grafted and then
I'll knit the Afterthought Heel where the pink line is located.

I'm sad that the bright orange didn't show up in the
body of the sock.
I might have to pull yarn so it will be in the heel.

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Happy Friday!


Judy S. said...

You're making great progress on your jacket! Nice socks, too.

kathy b said...

Let me say that's sweater is a work of art!