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Friday, November 1, 2019

Vacation Stitching

I spent the past week in California
visiting my daughter and son-in-law
and had a wonderful time.
Since I couldn't take my sewing machine with me,
I took the next best thing....
two more Bucilla kits to stitch!

These kits are both newer kits that I ordered recently.
I know.... I should be working on the kits I've
had in my cabinet for some time,
but I knew these would be quick and easy.

The first kit is supposed to make a 10" pillow.
I'm going to add a border to this and quilt it.
Then it will become a larger pillow.

This came together so quickly and easily,
even with all of the sequins.

Poinsettia's scream Christmas to me
and this will be a nice addition to my Christmas pillow collection.

The other kit I took is for sea life ornaments.
Some of Bucilla's ornaments are quite fussy and can take
quite a bit of time to make.
The first three in this kit went together very quickly.

There are six ornaments total in this kit.
The rest of them will more time to make.
There are a LOT of sequins on the last three.

This one is my husband's favorite.
He says we are keeping this one.
It's okay with me!

Yesterday my quilt club friends got together
and Janet made each of us one of these cute coasters.

The quilt group I belong to is so wonderful.
We have learned a lot from each other, 
but the time spent chatting and visiting is the best.

Happy Quilting and Creating!


Libby in TN said...

You should keep ALL the sea life ornaments; I know how much you love the beach.

Sara said...

The poinsettia is really pretty! I'm quite intrigued by the "binding girls".

Kim said...

The poinsettia is beautiful, Ramona. So much gorgeous detail to be seen here. Love all the sequins and beads. What a lovely cushion it will make. Love those "binding girls". They look as if they were such fun to paint.

Vicki in MN said...

Oh course the pro thinks the poinsettia went together quickly! It's going to be the most gorgeous pillow ever. Love that little coaster too.

Churn Dash said...

I love those ornaments! I'm sure you will get finish the older kits too.

Those binding girls are amazing.


straythreads said...

your little people are adorable and all your sequins and beads fun fun fun

Needled Mom said...

Those ornaments are lovely, but that red poinsettia is stunning. Love your little ghost pad too.