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Friday, December 15, 2017

Pillows, Pillows Everywhere!

This year I decided to make some more
Christmas pillows,
primarily for myself, 
since I had just one.

pillows have been made,
And not just for me!

I've shared photos of the pillows
I've now given to some friends.

The five "Peace" pillows were given yesterday
to my friends in quilt club.
I have one more to finish for myself,
which may or may not get done before Christmas.

The other day I showed this photo of the
"Joy" pillows I made.

The letters were lost in the background of the pillows
and I wasn't thrilled with them.
Ann at Straythreads suggested I outline the letters in black.
What a difference this made!
Thank you, Ann!!

The letters stand out and can easily be seen.
These are ready to be given as gifts now, too.

A couple of weeks ago,
posted pillows she had made from dish towels.
Dish towels!!

Off to Target I went!
I found one of the towels she had used,
along with a couple of other towels as well.

Can I just say....
these pillows went together so quickly
and are just so cute!

 The towel for the pillow on the right was from the dollar section.
The one of the left was found back in the kitchen area.

As Sarah mentioned,
I took the bottom and side hems out 
and cut a 15" square from these.

 The backing is another kitchen towel.
This one came as a set with the "Peace"
dish towel.
I basically just had to cut the side hems off to get the
width for the backing.

Binding was from my stash.
I have two more gifts finished and ready to give.

And, of course, I bought this towel to make myself one, too!

This year has been the Year of the Pillow!
These have been quick and easy gifts to make
and so much fun!

Happy Quilting!
Merry Christmas!


Libby in TN said...

Lovely! I was tempted to try Sarah's dish towel idea, too, but knew I didn't have time this year. Maybe those towels will be on a deep discount after Christmas.

Vicki in MN said...

We'll just call you the pillow lady!! That was a great idea of using a towel for them!!

Rebecca Grace said...

How adorable and clever to use the dish towels for pillows! And they are just as cute and on-trend as the holiday pillows that Pottery Barn and Ballard Designs are selling this year for way more money. I have one more caroling job today (that I should go get dressed for right NOW, as a matter of fact!), but after that I'm going straight up to my sewing room to work on a Christmas project. I think I might try to make a tree skirt for my mom after all... :-)

Sara said...

The dish towel pillows are so cute too! I will need to look for some nice dishtowels like that.

Needled Mom said...

Those are just gorgeous. You are going to have such a nice collection of Christmas pillows to display.

Churn Dash said...


The bit of black makes the letters stand out beautifully.

I love the idea of using the dish towels as pillow covers. They look expensive and tasteful.


Preeti said...

I am sure these pillows make your house looks very festive and puts everyone in the Christmas spirit!!!

Julie said...

I love all the pillows!!! I saw that post about the towels, what a great idea and yours turned out so well! I love the black thread idea, not something I had thought of, but that really did help the letters. I was going to go to Target Saturday (it's a 3 hour drive one way!) but it was snowing so much I canceled my trip. What great gifts. I told my quilty friends they would have their gifts after Christmas!