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Thursday, December 28, 2017

All Caught Up and Another Baby Quilt

These past few days have been wonderful!
I have been able to play in my Hidey Hole on and off
and have been checking quilty things off of my list.

I just now finished clue #5 for "On Ringo Lake". 
(For some reason I want to call it Lingo Lake.)

Anyway, I am caught up with all of the clues
and am ready for the next clue.

Clue #5 finished!

All of the clues together. I love these colors!

Last night I quilted another baby quilt I've had for some time.
I had a bunch of squares of Kaffe fabrics and polka dots
and made 9 patches some time ago.
They were sewn into a top and then waited to be finished.

I wasn't sure where this was headed,
but just kept making nine patches.


It's a bright and fun baby quilt
and will be added to the pile of
"Waiting for baby".

Two more things checked from my list.
Let's see what I get working on next!

Happy Quilting!


Rebecca Grace said...

Very pretty baby quilt, Ramona! It's nice to have something ready to finish for a baby gift rather than having to start from scratch. Love those Kaffe prints and the polka dots are a perfect complement.

Libby in TN said...

Congrats on being caught up on ORL (a/k/a Lingo Lake, a/k/a Sunset over Radnor Lake)! Like you, love the colors. I spent about an hour today cutting the brown geese. Will try to get caught up with cutting tomorrow. Still waiting to see where the coral diamonds are going before I cut the triangle ends. Clue 6 tomorrow!

Vicki in MN said...

You are doing great, keep it up! Always anxious to see what you are working on next:) I snuck in some sewing here and there this week too. Nothing really finished yet, but a little of this and a little of that.

Julie said...

Wow, your clues look great so far for the mystery! It will be so fun to see the mysteries put together. I have been looking at some New Year's day mysteries, and then slapped my hands! I MUST reorganize and purge in my quilt room. I love the baby quilt, I need to do find my Kaffe 9 patches! I am almost finished with a friend of a friend's quilt so I can tackle other things.

Bonnie said...

Great baby quilt! Congratulations on keeping up with On Ringo Lake. Your parts look good.

Nancy said...

I love your baby quilt and I know whichever baby receives it will love it, too. It's bright and vibrant and beautiful!