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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Annual Ornament

Each year I try to make an ornament
to give to my family and a few friends.
Some years I succeed,
others I have to head to the ornament aisle
at one of the many stores that sell them.

I do have to say...
shopping for ornaments is NOT a chore for me.
I. Love. Ornaments!
The chore is not coming home with a
bag full of ornaments for myself!
My tree is packed already.

This year I did get them made,
and early, too!

For these candy cane ornaments,
I used plastic candy canes from the dollar store,
six to a package for $1.00!
Strips of homespun fabrics were torn 
width of fabric in various strip widths.
Then I started at the bottom of the candy cane
and wrapped to the top and back down.
I did stitch the end of the fabric strip down
instead of gluing it.
I bought a small evergreen wreath and cut
little pieces for the greenery,
one bunch of red berries was enough
and one package of stars on wire
was enough as well.

The end of the fabric was tucked in on the bottom,
but I left the top as a raw edge.

No hanger necessary...
just hang by the hook of the candy cane.

Merry Christmas!


Libby in TN said...

Ooh, fun ornaments!

straythreads said...

Those are adorable!!!

Julie said...

The ornaments are fabulous! What a fantastic idea. I am so impressed with all your creativity.