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Monday, December 18, 2017

One Week behind....

Last night I finished sewing the parts for
"On Ringo Lake Mystery Quilt"
clue #3.
 Clue #3 came out almost a week and a half ago,
but I'm doing pretty well considering I was sick
for three days last week.
(These darn winter colds! This one hit me Hard.)

after much cutting and sewing,
the parts are together,
but the trimming isn't finished.

The parts that are clipped are totally finished.
The other piles are waiting to be trimmed.

Slow progress, but progress none the less.

It isn't too late to join in the mystery.
Visit Quiltville to get the clues
and to see the progress of others.

I'm also linking to Design Wall Monday today.

My niece has started painting rocks and has made some beautiful ones.
She isn't hiding the really nice ones,
but is sharing them with people like me!
(Are people hiding painted rocks everywhere in the country
or is this just a Virginia thing?)

She gave me this one a couple of weeks ago.
It's so simple and yet tells such a beautiful, life changing story.

Merry Christmas!


Judy D in WA said...

Your colors are beautiful. I hope you are feeling better. Those darn colds aren't as easy to get over as they once were.
I love the rock. It is very special.

Sara said...

Very pretty!! My Ringo Lake fabrics are all pulled together but I've just been saving and printing the instructions so far. I've been working way too many hours and have a "zillion piece" project already taking up every surface in the sewing room. So I'll wait and start the mystery quilt later on.

Carolyn Sullivan said...

LOL I'm 2 weeks behind.... did one winged geese, and so far 5 of clue 3. Haven't even started on 4 yet.... Dh is sick with that monster cold and I feel like's come down to me too....SIGH I'll be sick for Christmas

straythreads said...

I have a cold too somethings are not getting done and oh well.............
My grandma painted on rocks 40 some years ago but was not her intention to take them back outside paperweights everywhere.love the simplicity of your nieces work

Mónica said...

I prefer to take my time and follow Bonnie's advice: I sew as many units of every clue as I can and enjoy doing, then I jump to the next clue when it is published. AT the reveal I decide the final size of the quilt I want and how many units I need to complete. This should be fun and not add to the stress.

Julie said...

Sorry about the bug. I was about knocked flat by a cold earlier, and that doesn't usually happen. Great job on your clue, you have been so busy! Rocks are also popular here, people even had rock painting parties and I know there was some hiding going on too. Your rock is beautiful!

Vicki in MN said...

I hope you feel better really soon, my cold took 3 weeks to disappear. Cute painted rock. I have not heard of people hiding rocks-or is it because I live under a rock, LOL

kupton52 said...

Hope you're all better soon.....praying for your healing (and that you aren't contagious to your family...lol). Beautiful painted rock...beautiful Clue #3....
Merry Christmas....quilty hugs and blessings....

Needled Mom said...

It seems like so many are sick during this busy time of the year. Hope you are feeling better now.

Your ORL blocks are beautiful - such great fabrics!

I love the nativity rock. That is so clever. I haven't heard of hidden painted rocks here....yet!