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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Friendship Quilt

As I have mentioned before, 
I belong to a 
"History of Quilting"
group and enjoy spending a couple of hours
once a month with the wonderful group of ladies.

Each session we are given a challenge project to make if we choose
to participate.

Two sessions ago we were given the pattern for the
"Friendship Block"
and were asked to put something that spoke to us
on the 5" square in the center.
It could be a quote, a picture, applique, a Bible verse...
At the final meeting of the session we would exchange the
blocks with each other.

During this session,
one of the ladies was being treated for breast cancer.
We decided as a group that she would be the
recipient of all of our blocks.

We "exchanged" the blocks at the meeting
and then gave them all to her at the end of this gathering.
She was very touched.

fast forward a few months.
I volunteered to sew the blocks together for this friend.

The top was delivered to her this past week and she was so pleased.

 It isn't a great photo of the top since I had to use my
"Design Floor"
but you get the idea of what it looks like.
It was neat to see what each of us chose to put in the middle of
our blocks.

The best thing about this group is the friendships made.

Happy Quilting!


Teresa in Music City said...

Ah - what a lovely idea! And the perfect way for your group to share your love with a challenged friend! She is blessed to have such wonderful friends :*)

Needled Mom said...

It looks beautiful and is such a touching thought for your friend - a true friendship quilt.