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Monday, August 31, 2015

Another Applique Block

Boy, I am slow going this morning!
After spending a wonderful week at the beach
with my family,
Monday morning came too soon!

While at the beach,
I did get another applique block stitched.
I am really enjoying doing applique again, 
but I'm not sold on the
"Starch" method of preparation. 

There are little bumps in the edges at times.
I know it is operator error...
I didn't get the seam allowance turned under smoothly,
but I don't have that problem with needle turn.
Practice makes perfect...
or at least makes it easier!

No pretty beach background today...
just my design wall.

Two finished,
a lot more to do!
My sewing machine is in the shop getting the yearly maintanence done.
Hopefully it will be finished soon....
so the shaking can stop!!

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Happy Quilting!!


Libby in TN said...

Lookin' good, Girl! I have the same problem with the starch method. You will eventually figure out which method is best for which situation. Coincidentally, I dug out an old applique project this weekend. Started on a cruise in 2007; did one leaf and one stem and haven't touched it since!

Churn Dash said...

The blocks look great. Sometimes we stress too much about the details and forget to step back and enjoy the beauty of our work. Trees and flowers don't have perfect leaves and we don't worry about that.


Sewing Up A Storm said...

I have recently picked up doing some needle turn applique and really enjoy it. I was wondering if I should try the starch method but maybe not. I love your second block!

Teresa in Music City said...

I just love your applique blocks! The background is wonderful - it makes me want to run upstairs and see if I have a red polka dot in my stash LOL!!!! I use the starch method and have found it to work pretty well for me. I never could get the hang of needleturn. I also have a friend who never does anything but needleturn and can't understand why anyone would use any other method :*) If there's one thing I've learned about applique - and I've studied it from every angle! - it's that there's a reason there are so many methods. No one method works for everyone, and you will find the one that works best for you!

Needled Mom said...

The applique blocks are just fantastic. I doubt that you will notice any "bumps" once it is quilted and washed.

Julie said...

The blocks are awesome! I am glad you had a nice getaway at the beach, sounds lovely!

Sherrill said...

Soo pretty! I'll get my beach time in in January when I'm headed to Hawaii!! WOOHOO!

Bonnie said...

The applique looks great. I like the starch method. Do you use a stencil brush to apply the starch and help turn the seam in? It might help you. I use that method and needle turn. But if I want good points I usually do starch as I can get the point done before I try sewing it on. Of course, truth be told, I'm not a great appliquér. But I keep starting projects -- I think I have 3 different projects in my UFOs. Someday.

Lara B. said...

Gosh Ramona! Is there anything you can't do in quilting? LOL These blocks are bee-a-utiful!
Glad your week at the beach was a wonderful one!

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Looks beautiful Ramona, I haven't tried the starch method yet but yours looks great!