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Friday, May 22, 2015

Finishes Before Starts

Why is it when I have a pile
(And I mean a PILE!!)
of quilts and projects in progress
I am ITCHING to start something new?

Do I feel the need to add to my stacks of quilts
waiting for machine quilting?
Do I really need another pile of fabrics
stacked in my Hidey Hole somewhere,
waiting to be cut or put away?
Do I need more bags/baskets/bins
with unfinished projects sitting around in here?
Unfortunately, once I get an idea in my head,
it is a fight not to start working on it right away.
NOT this time!
I am not starting anything new until
I have quilted three quilts
and finished a couple of little projects.
Things usually get finished around here, 
but lately... not so much.
Here is one project I started a while back
and am going to finish soon.

This is Bucilla felt stocking kit.
I have made a number of these and have a
number of kits still unopened.
This one was started a few months ago
and put into a basket where it sat.

 I love the palm trees on this stocking.
The curved edges of the fronds are not stitched down,
giving it a 3-D look.

I don't know how old this kit is and I can't remember
where I bought it.
It will be finished SOON!

Quilt #1 being quilted.
I have come to realize that I really
do not enjoy machine quilting.
My quilting is not wonderful
and I know it won't improve without practice,
(and I'd rather start something new then practice!)
hopefully this quilt will be finished by early next week.

I did finish a sock this week.
This is for a child, size 2-3.
Unfortunatley I lost the label for this yarn
and don't remember what it is.
I Love the colors and the softness!
These will be finished soon, as well.

Last week I ordered this new little ruler from
It's a Sock Ruler!
The curved end fits right into the toe or heel,
so I am now getting an accurate measurement
instead of wondering if I pulled the sock
or have the measuring tape in the right place, etc.
Hopefully I will be back with some
finishes soon
(And then can show you the start of something new!!)
Please visit Patchwork Times to see what others are working
on this week.
Have a great Friday
Happy Finishing!!


Julie said...

Good luck on finishing projects. I am right with you on starting new things, but my goal for the month of June is to finish 4 quilts and try to catch up on a couple BOM's. I do love the machine quilting process, just not crazy about binding!

straythreads said...

Busy Busy Busy!! Take the safety pins out of your quilt and use straight pins! what a pain to stop and remove a safety pin. I have never been poked with a pin to the point of leaving blood on a quilt. Great socks!!!! how does that sock ruler work? Does the measurement mark the point where you are to begin the heel gusset?
have a great weekend.

Sharon Massena said...

I'm with you there. I have not taken the time to be as proficient with the quilting machine as I need to be happy with my work. So I tend to put it off.

Debbie said...

You are in good company! It is always more fun to start a new project than muddle through the slow parts of other projects. I love that Bucilla stocking...have it but it is in my stash...sew cute...seeing yours in progress makes me want to start it!

Gari in AL said...

Love your sock and the yarn (I love variegated yarn). I felt sorry for the Santa with no head so I hope we will see him completed soon. ;-)