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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Finished Log Blocks

I finished sewing the logs together for
my log cabin quilt made from recycled shirts
 this afternoon
and just love how all of these
Plaids and Stripes
play together.

After playing around,
this layout is my favorite.

Using the recycled shirts for the log cabin blocks was fun!
I have a good variety, so the mixture plays well together.

I love the pops of green, orange and yellow.
(I have moved the block from the 5th row down on the right.
I see a couple more I need to move, too.)

The one difficult thing about using the 
Go! cutter to cut the logs is not
having the plaids and stripes lined up.
Using men's shirts makes that a bit difficult anyway.

Hopefully these will be sewn together soon.
This is going to be a baby quilt for my new
Grand Nephew!!

This past week I was able to finish knitting
a pair of socks.

These look small, but they fit my size 7 feet.

I started another pair the other night.

This yarn was purchased at Tuesday Morning by my mom.
I'm trying to use up some of what I have so I can buy some
of these yummy new yarns I keep seeing out there!

The sparkle is fun in these.

Please visit Whoop Whoop
 Patchwork Times to see what others are creating.

Happy Friday!


Libby in TN said...

Quilt is looking great! I was disappointed in the off-grain cuts of some dies I tried, too. But I think the offline cuts of the plaids make it even more charming.

Jayne said...

What a beautiful quilt and great use of fabrics!

Podunk Pretties said...

It looks great from here, I had to share this one with my sweety. Now if he's missing a shirt or two he'll know why!

Julie said...

I love the use of the shirts and the light and dark effect. It will be a great quilt. Very nice socks too!

Lara B. said...

Scrappy Log Cabins are my favorite Ramona and yours turned out super sweet with the men's plaid shirts! I love the layout you chose too. I agree with Libby about the plaid cuts looking charming, even off grain. It gives it a little bit of a playful and wonky look.
You knit the best socks - love all that color and texture!

Sue Daurio said...

What great log cabins!!! I bet that is going to be one soft cuddly quilt.

Tanya Quilts in CO said...

What a great way to repurpose shirts! Love it!

Dar said...

Your log cabin recycled shirt quilt is one of my favorite patterns and usage of scraps. Love the look it makes with all the plaids. Your sock knitting is very pretty too. You have such tiny feet so your sock knitting is quicker than mine, for sure. lol. Great colors.

Gari in AL said...

I really love your quilt, so bright and cheery. Makes me wish DH wore more plaid shirts.

Maggie said...

I love your quilt so much!
I really enjoy knitting socks with self striping yarn, and your yarns are so lovely!

Judy D in WA said...

Your quilt looks so cuddly. I love the wonkiness of the plaids. I think I need to add the log cabin die to my collection.
Your socks are fabulous!!