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Friday, September 27, 2013

On my needles...

.... are more socks.

I am making progress on the striped pair from last week.

As I was knitting along, I came to a knot in the yarn.
I kept knitting.
In the second round after knitting the knot,
the knot came undone in my work!
I ripped out back to where the knot was,
and, thankfully it was only one row!
Lesson learned....
do not trust the knots in the skeins!

My sister crochets and found this
YouTube video on
The Magic Knot.
She has had success with this technique in her crocheting.
This is how I knotted my yarn after it came apart while knitting.
So far, so good!

I was cleaning out some bags in my
sewing room
and look what I found!!

I had started this sock last year
completely forgot about it!

The good news is...
I have a sock almost completed!

Life is Good!


sklinn62 said...

Beautiful socks! What kind of yarn is that?

Ramona said...

Thank you! The yarn is called "On Your Toes" by Kertzer, but I think it might be discontinued. It was purchased at Tuesday Morning a while ago.

straythreads said...

beautiful fun colors and good to know about knots coming undone except when you want them too.

Judy D in WA said...

True--never trust a factory knot! I learned that the very same way. I love how bright and happy these socks are. Nice find with pink and blue pair. :)

Paula, the quilter said...

I use the Double Knot when it isn't going to be an item that is worn on the body. If they yarn is a good felting yarn, I will normally do a spit splice because I always wet block my knitted garments, the spit is washed out. The "On Your Toes" yarn has a LOT of knots in it I've found. Did you notice that the blue square in the one photo on my blog is from the same yarn as the socks in your photo? LOL!

Teresa in Music City said...

I love the fun vibrant colors in your socks!!! What a great find - to be almost half done before you start LOL!!!

Judy S. said...

Fun stripes!