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Thursday, September 19, 2013

A finish...

.... and another check off of my

It is still summer, right?

Anyway, I finished the 
60's Santa Stocking
I am giving to a friend.

As I mentioned in a previous post,
I do not use the felt back that comes in the kit
 to finish the stocking.
It just would not be strong enough.
How would it hold all of the goodies that will be
stuffed into it Christmas morning
with only a felt back whipped stitched in place?

I use the piece of felt as a pattern to make a stocking from
fabric I quilted. 

I cut the piece larger than the felt piece to allow for binding.

I then use this first piece as a pattern to cut the second piece.

After sewing the front and back together,
I bind them.

Once the binding is sewn on
and the hanger attached,
I hand stitch the embellished, felt stocking front
to the completed stocking.

Now I have a sturdy stocking that can 
actually hold some 
Christmas goodies!

Another gift checked off of my list.


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