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Monday, September 2, 2013

Design Wall September 2

How are we in September already?

I did not have a lot of time for
this week :(
but I was able to get a little done on my
Disappearing Four Patch Baby quilt.

I don't know if this baby will be a 
Boy or a Girl
I decided to make two of these!
One will have pink
and the other...

I will have a donation quilt made
for next summer already!

These blocks are so much fun to make!


I was in Lancaster, PA for a few days this past week
and found this.....

Striped batiks!!
Won't these be 
for the binding for these quilts??!!
(I am not putting a border on these.)

One is "Tropical" and the other is "Primary"
but I'm not sure which is which.

The Striped Batiks are
RKaufman Artisan Batiks Elemental Stripes.
Hancock's of Paducah carries them.


See what others are working on over at
Patchwork Times.


Maartje Quilt said...

Beautiful baby quilts! Lovely fabrics! I love them and you choose the perfect binding. Like to see them finished.

Ramona said...

Thank you! I love the bright batiks and am looking forward to seeing them finished with the binding fabric. Hopefully soon!

phxquilt said...

Lovely quilt! I too love that fabric for binding. What fabric line is it?

Ramona said...

Oh I wish I could remember! There were several different colorways and I really like them all, but I didn't write down the fabric line name.

Bonnie said...

Yummy binding fabric. Good job!

Ramona said...

Thank you, Bonnie.

Anonymous said...

Very Cute and I love those d4p. great Idea to have two quilts ready!!

Kate said...

Love all those bright batiks! Those stripes will be perfect for the binding.

Ramona said...

Thanks! This quilt has been so much fun to make.

Ramona said...

Thank you! I am excited about finishing this quilt so I can see how the binding looks.

Mary said...

It is an easy Pattern. Congrats for new arrivals. I just got a new one a week ago. It's such fun to be Grandma!